If you are a job seeker through online means, then LinkedIn is the right platform for you.

The privacy settings in this tool will help you to find the right recruiters. You can have the control over your data shared with recruiters.

Also you can increase your chances for more jobs by uploading your resume. This all comes with the Free account you create on LinkedIn.

In 2020, LinkedIn job search preferences have changed a lot.

You can always create job alerts for your favorite companies.

Then through privacy settings, you can make sure their recruiters notice your resume and profile.

Before that, you need to make sure that you’re open to job offers. Once you upload a resume for a job application, you can share your profile along with it.

How to Access Job Search Privacy Options on LinkedIn

Follow these steps.

  1. Open your LinkedIn Account home page with your login credentials.
  2. Click the inverted triangle beside Me and below your profile picture.
  3. Click on Settings & Privacy
  4. There are 4 tabs on the next screen.
  5. Click on Privacy tab.
  6. On the left hand side, click on Job seeking preferences.
  7. Your job search privacy options in LinkedIn should be visible.

Coming to privacy, LinkedIn makes sure that your employers are not notified by default, when you apply or search for a job.

Though companies can still find you through Recruiter accounts, it is little cumbersome.

Once you purchase a premium subscription, then you have some more options to prevent your job owner know that you are applying.

Job Seeking Preferences

  1. Job application settings
  2. Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities
  3. Signal your interest to recruiters at companies you have created job alerts for
  4. Sharing your profile when you click apply
  5. Commute preferences
  6. Stored job applicant accounts

The above settings will help you find the right job.

Job Application Settings

As we know we can submit a job application through LinkedIn. Using this setting, you can upload your resume in DOC, DOCX, and PDF format of up to 5MB in size. Also, you need to submit few answers when you apply for a job in LinkedIn. This setting can be switched ON/OFF.

You can allow LinkedIn to save your resume and answers data about your work experience and skills. If you turn it off, LinkedIn won’t remember your answers data. You need to provide these details each time you submit a job application. On the other hand, if you switch it ON, you can always change your answers when required. Otherwise, the default answers will be submitted with the job application.

Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities

As lot of recruiters search through LinkedIn, to find the right profile for their employer jobs. If you toggle this switch to ON, you will appear in recruiter searches related to your career interests. In this regards, your current company information will not be shown to the recruiter. But this privacy is not guaranteed.

Signal your interests to recruiters at companies you have created job alerts for

One of the great features of LinkedIn are job alerts for different companies. When you create a job alert, then all the jobs available in that company will be notified to you through notifications. But if you want their recruiters to know that you are interested in their company jobs, then you need to toggle this switch to ON.

This way recruiters may contact you seeing your LinkedIn profile information. You can also manage job alerts here.

Sharing your profile when you click apply

In LinkedIn, you create a profile containing information about your education, interests and past employers. If you want this information to be shared with job posters, you can toggle this switch to ON. This way you can increase your chances to find the right job by allowing the job poster know more about you.

In case, you are taken off LinkedIn, this information will still be shared with the job recruiters or posters.

Commute Preferences

In big cities and metropolitan areas, cabs are provided to reach your job location. In this regards you can provide information about your commute preferences. This will include the following.

  1. Where will you begin your commute?
  2. How do you prefer to commute to work? Driving, Public Transit, Walking
  3. How long are you willing to commute?

This information will be used to find the right jobs and improve your job recommendations.

Stored Job Applicant accounts

In addition to LinkedIn, there are other third-party job finding apps and portals like Indeed, Glassdor, Google for Jobs, Monster etc. When you sign up with these third-party services, you can also use your LinkedIn credentials to sign up.

Also when you apply for different companies through LinkedIn, your job application accounts are stored on LinkedIn. You can remove these accounts if you feel, you don’t want to share your LinkedIn profile information with these recruiters. This will remove your credentials for LinkedIn’s records. It will not remove the actual account from the third-party applicant tracking system.

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