About the Author

Palla Sridhar is the owner and admin of windowstechit.com  (old domain : pallareviews.com) .  I have been blogging for the past 10 years. I do my research on Microsoft and Technology.

These include Windows 10, Windows 7, Office, Outlook, Outlook.com, Skype, HDMI Errors and Products, Facebook, Google, How-To Guides, Tutorials, Reviews and Redmi Phones.

I passionately blog about Microsoft Products.

I find the common problems arising in the above products and find solutions through forums and experience.

My interests in blogging extend to Technology, Health, Mobile Gadgets, Engineering, Computers, Software, Internet Marketing, Social Media and SEO 

Social Media Profiles

My Skype : palla.sree

Why I’m into Blogging and My views?

After my 2 years stint with TCS, I had a major surgery for Thyroid. My problems didn’t end there.

There were several health problems after that. I got diagnosed for Diabetes, Anxiety, Psychosis and other “thinking” problems. I couldn’t settle well in any job.

So in 2008, I came across Blogging as one of the online jobs to make money online.

So initially I was into Blogging for money only. Later my approach changed much. I learnt the difficult path of other penny bloggers. You cannot earn money from blogs like other day jobs.

You need to have passion, content writing skills, SEO and mainly marketing skills. If you want to earn good enough from blogging, you should also spend wisely on SEO services and public relations.

What WordPress Tools and Platform I use for Blogging ?

I currently (since Aug, 2016)  use SiteGround to host my WordPress blogs.

From 2019 onwards, I’m using DreamHost shared hosting for my WordPress blogs. Till now, their support is excellent and speed is also good. You also get added security without any plugin.

Before 2016, I was using InmotionHosting for their VPS-1000S plan. But I found that it is costly on renewal like $500 and had to avoid it.

I also use several WordPress plugins on my blogs. This list of plugins are very useful, as I have tested them vigorously.  

The most essential ones are used and I avoid unnecessary ones, which may cause slow page loading, high usage of CPU and Bandwidth resources.

What is My System Configuration?

I use a Desktop PC.

I have double boot configuration.

  1. 64 bit – Windows 10
  2. 64 bit – Windows 7

My System configuration looks like this –

  • Pentium  Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @2.93 Ghz Processor
  • Gigabyte Motherboard
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce 210 Graphics Card
  • Acer P225HQ  LCD Monitor (HDMI) – 21.5″

My Social Profiles!

You can connect with me  on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. I still have to update my interests on Pinterest and Instagram. You can also send me an email mail [at] windowstechit.com.

I can help solve your problems related Microsoft software and Windows.

If you have any doubts or issues related to Windows 10, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive and Office and need help in solving them, you can contact me for free.

I will try to solve your issue within my limits.

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Thanks for reading this page! – Palla Sridhar