How to Use Shared Experience Settings in Windows 10

Shared Experiences is for cross-platform devices to work with Windows 10. Bluetooth devices. Mobile phones. Wireless adapters. Wi-Fi. Tablets. All these devices can communicate using this feature. For cross-platform connection this setting has to be enabled. Sending phone messages and seeing phone notifications on the Windows 10 desktop cannot be done. Your Phone app that

Fix – Windows 10 Brightness Not Working after Update – 11 Solutions

One of the major issues is the no brightness slider Windows 10. Suffocation to the eyes. Too high or low brightness displayed on the screen. There are hardware and software controls to make the recommended adjustments. But in recent times after a few updates, the screen brightness change refuses to work. In order to have

How to Stop Getting Emails from Quora – Related Requests, Questions, Answers

Quora is a nice platform to get your questions answered. Many experts give their valuable answers to relevant questions. This is like free advice. Though recently it has been spammed for popularity purposes, in the initial days it was getting good rapport and support from professionals. For example, if you would like to know how

How to Block App with FireWall in Windows 10 – 3 Easy Ways

In Windows 10, you can block an app using Windows Security. This is using the Firewall & network option available in Settings. The same process can be applied using the Control Panel. In the 2004 and 20H2 version this option is still available. But in future versions we are not sure the Control Panel will

How to Improve Microsoft Edge usage of RAM and CPU by 26% and 29%

Microsoft Edge had the notoriety of having high CPU and RAM usage after some updates. If several tabs were opened at the same time, the amount of memory required also increased. Though it is based on the Chromium project, it had its share of difficulties. In 2021, a new feature called “Sleeping tabs” was introduced.