To take control of startup settings in Windows 10, you need to go through the following screens. In dual boot mode, you might have installed the Metro BootLoader. You are likely to have Windows 7 and Windows 10 as your OS. The following startup settings can be changed using this option. 1. Enable low-resolution video […]

In 2019, PCs and laptop manufacturer brands like Dell, Lenovo, ThinkPad, Acer have made sure to include SSD (Solid-state drive) as an OS drive. Kingston A400 and Crucial MX500 are two SSDs that have good performance in sequential and random read/write speeds. The type of Flash memory in both of them is different. Kingston was […]

In today’s PC World, the question is SSD vs HDD boot time. 10 years back, people were not aware of the benefits of SSD. Also the price difference between a HDD and SSD was too high. In 2019, OEM manufacturers of both PC and laptop have included SSD as an OS booting device. HDD serves […]

The 1903 update of Windows 10 was tested well before its release. It was a more stable version than October 2018 update. But it still had a few issues, which includes dpc latency spikes. On my computer, the start up time was very high and takes long to become active. It is also slower while […]

It is not easy to do minimal tasks like adding accounts in Redmi Note 4. To add or remove Google Accounts (using Gmail) you might look at Settings. But there you will find only Google setting. This will give more options like Ad preferences, Google Account info, security, personlization, apps connected etc. But the setting […]

The Windows 10 1903 update has seen minor enhancements which are good enough to speed up PC performance. For example, Windows Updates are reformed that could help you pause them. Another major improvement is blocking of Spectre attacks. It is a design flaw in CPUs. This will allow it find loop holes to read other […]

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