In an earlier post we compared the feature difference of Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1. Most of them updated to Windows 8.1 due to the learning curve and problematic features of 8. Then came Windows 10 in 2015. Microsoft was too vociferous and aggressive in their marketing strategy to upgrade the older systems to One-OS [...]

If you are using as your email, it will connect the Exchange server. All the mailbox data of your account are stored locally in a file called Offline Storage Table (OST) or Personal Storage Table (PST) file. It will replicate all the database records of the user’s Exchange mailbox. The main purpose of this [...]

There are different ways to download desktop apps using Google Chrome. It has a default download manager which can manage your downloads. Sometimes, the full potential of your download speed is not utilized by this in-built tool of Chrome. For example, if you have a 8Mbps connection, your optimum download speed should be 1MBps. The [...]

Apps have been introduced in Windows 8 and 8.1. They are part and parcel of Windows 10 also. Many applications and programs have been converted to apps. Installation of apps can be done through Microsoft Store. Once they are installed, you can terminate, reset and uninstall them in Windows 10. This feature is available using [...]

Windows 10 has two updates every year. In 2018 we have seen Build 1803 and 1809 upgrades. Generally one is released in April and other in October. Following this trend, a 1903 update is likely on the cards. This may be called Redstone 6. This will now be officially called as “May 2019 Update”.  This [...]

In an earlier post, we have seen 25+ tips to improve Windows 10 speed. In this post we are going to see a different strategy for a fast PC. Updates to Windows 10 close security vulnerabilities. At the same time, they slow down the computer also in 2019. Outdated software, bulky applications, startup items, browser [...]

change hard disk priority to fix 0xc0000428

0xc0000428: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file is a bootmgr error. Even having the wrong hard disk priority can cause this issue. You can solve error code 0xc0000428 in Windows 10 with very simple solution. Related : [Worked] 0xc000000e Solved on Windows 10 : Boot Error is Fixed Info about “0xc0000428” error Below are [...]

You get 0xc000000e error code on Windows 10 when there is a problem with boot loader or wrong Boot configuration data. If you have multiple disks, only one of them is the boot disk. So, the boot configuration data is stored on one disk of all the related settings to boot different Windows OS. Even [...]

To send mail in bulk or add in another email client, you need to export or import gmail contacts in different formats. In 2019, the interface has changed a bit. The tutorials on the internet show the steps that are little obsolete. Related : How to Check Google Drive Folder Size in Web App and PC [...]

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