change hard disk priority to fix 0xc0000428

0xc0000428: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file is a bootmgr error. Even having the wrong hard disk priority can cause this issue. You can solve error code 0xc0000428 in Windows 10 with very simple solution. Related : [Worked] 0xc000000e Solved on Windows 10 : Boot Error is Fixed Info about “0xc0000428” error Below are [...]

You get 0xc000000e error code on Windows 10 when there is a problem with boot loader or wrong Boot configuration data. If you have multiple disks, only one of them is the boot disk. So, the boot configuration data is stored on one disk of all the related settings to boot different Windows OS. Even [...]

To send mail in bulk or add in another email client, you need to export or import gmail contacts in different formats. In 2019, the interface has changed a bit. The tutorials on the internet show the steps that are little obsolete. Related : How to Check Google Drive Folder Size in Web App and PC [...]

There is no sound from HDMI if you have issue with nvidia high definition audio driver. You can download and install NVIDIA high definition audio driver manually or automatically. In this post you are going to learn methods to download and update NVIDIA high definition audio drivers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. First [...]

In 2019, it is important you save your photos, audio, image, video files online. This works as a backup plan. If you lose your “private” data you can get it back easily through cloud storage service. This is where free online storage comes into play. There are lot of free cloud services, but are limited [...]

The amount of cloud space is limited to 15GB for Google Drive. This includes the storage for Gmail, Photos and other files. If you are uploading photos in “High Quality” mode, then they are not part of Google Drive size. You can upload and download files or folders to Google Drive in two ways – [...]

To update the latest sound card, video driver and graphic drivers in Windows, there are many options. One is to go the manufacturer page and download them. Another option is to use free driver updater and install them. But what about the motherboard chipset and game-enhancing drivers? There are lot of free driver update program [...]

When you create your Google account, you are required to give your name details like first and last name. But unknowingly, you might have wrongly typed your name or there was a spelling error. In certain cases, you feel that your brand name for Google account should be different from your regular name. This is [...]

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