In the recent Windows 10 1903 release, there have been changes to Windows Update. Several options are included to make your Windows 10 more stable after installing updates. As we know, the 1809 upgrade has caused some problems. These include deletion of files, incompatibility with Apple products, range of Intel Display Audio device drivers not […]

Cloud storage services are useful for preserving photos, videos and documents. Back-up strategy is one of their key features. Google Drive and OneDrive are two online storage services which have free MB plans with their standard packages. Google Drive comes with free 15GB storage plan. One Drive allows only 5GB, but you can get extra […]

Annoyed by Facebook Sponsored Ads in 2019! Repetitive appearing makes your social media life more tiresome. Every time you see an Ad in Facebook, you need to click “cross” mark. Once you click  Facebook Ad and follow up, you are letting the social media giant earn some revenue. Yes, this is how Facebook earns its […]

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