Find Parental Controls in Windows 10 using Security app

To access parental controls in Windows 10, you can make use of Windows Security. This is generally located in the notification area. On the left hand side, you can see the various security features. You can also search for this app, using the “Search box” of Windows 10. Type its name in the text box

How to Manage Multiple Profiles of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Profiles are the default way to store your browsing history, bookmarks, website activity, bookmarks and search activity in Microsoft Edge. You can use your email account to create a profile. But is one profile enough? Office, home, school are some of the different places, where you use Microsoft Edge. If you use the same profile

Microsoft Family Safety for Android – Review of Parent and Kid’s Settings

To track kid’s activity and location, Microsoft Family Safety app gives you the controls. In Oct 2020, it has some premium features with Office 365 subscription. This parental control app competes with other apps on Android. The following are the special features of this app with paid usage – See your family on the map

How To Create/Switch/Remove Profile in Microsoft Edge of Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced a new browser in the form of Microsoft Edge. To personalize browsing experience, store bookmarks, import browser data, sync passwords and payment methods, you need to create a profile. If you are using different email accounts on your Windows 10 device, then you need a new profile for each one. Edge is

8 Parent Controls that can be managed by Organizer in Microsoft Family

Safety and Online-activity are of chief importance for kids using Windows 10, Android, iOS devices. Microsoft Family Safety makes sure that you have the right parental controls and permissions of your child’s online account. As an organizer, you can add a child or adult as a member in your Microsoft account. Monitor the kid’s activity

How to set SBI Credit Card Transaction Limit in Windows 10 and Android

In Sept 2020, RBI issued guidelines to credit card and debit cards to prevent fraud and security lapses. You can opt-in or opt-out for each category of transaction and set Spend limits. According to the new guidelines, card users will now be able to register preferences (opt-in or opt-out of services, spend limits, etc.) for