USB tethering is one of the features of Android phones. Redmi Note 4 has its own Android version of MIUI over the default version of OS. Windows 10 and Redmi Note 4 can be connected over Wi-Fi. But it is more convenient to link it through a USB cable. I thought it the same way. [...]

Many-a-times you might have faced Windows update problems, which will hinder your user experience. In Windows 10, delivery optimization comes to the rescue for better download and update experience of store apps and updates. Though you can do other tasks while Windows 10 is updating, it is quite common to wait for the updates to [...]

If you are getting the following message while booting in windows 10, your files may be corrupt or something is wrong with the startup process. This generally occurs if you are using old kind of hard disk partitions and BIOS mode. If you are using the new SSD disks with more than 2 TB disk [...]

The first solution for mic volume too low problem in Windows 10 is try the default troubleshoot feature. If you are on Skype or any other VoIP software speaking to your office mates or friends, quiet volume can irritate the user on the other side. Sometimes even if the microphone volume levels are set to [...]

Made for enterprise users, Skype for Business is useful in a Work environment. Replacing Lync in 2015, it is an instant messaging client used for online meetings. It allows your team to collaborate online. You can add 250 of your colleagues to audio/video chat conversation which provides enterprise grade security, protects employee accounts and is [...]

With Windows 10, update and upgrade are important. Security problems can creep in instantaneously. Speed is another factor to be taken care of. Lack of features in the previous version is also another reason for upgrade. Keeping these things in mind, you have to make sure your Windows 10 system is always the best. In [...]

In Windows 7 and earlier versions, whenever you need to change any setting you had to use Control Panel. This has changed in 8.1 with PC Settings. But that didn’t go well with loyal users of Windows. So Microsoft made some drastic changes in Windows 10 after Satya Nadella took over. One of the major [...]

Messenger is a chat service provided in Facebook. It can be accessed via the web or mobile. Once you friend somebody on Facebook, they are added as contacts. They can be uploaded to Messenger also. Using the mobile version of Messenger, you can add a contact with the help of a mobile number or email. [...]

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