Windows has an easy way to control settings. This central unit was called “Control Panel”. But in Windows 10, this was replaced with “Settings”. Legacy users still like to use the same control panel found in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1. Since the use of Windows 7, I have always found “Control Panel” to be […]

In 2020, wireless casting has become the choice of many mobile users. You can watch movies from android phone to tv without hdmi. This can be done in Redmi and Xiaomi phones with ease. As an example, we are going to take Redmi Note 4 and Sanyo Smart TV to show the steps. The latest […]

Skype in 2020 has different versions. Skype for Desktop and Skype for Mobile. There is also a business purpose app. Windows 10 users are confused with Skype. There are two types – 1. Skype App (UWP). 2. Classic Skype Application. Each Skype type has a different method of stopping automatically in Windows 10. Programs and […]

Search and Cortana were tangled up in the initial days of Windows 10 release. In 1909 version it has become easier to find your files, photos, documents, videos, email messages etc. The desktop search in Windows 10, has different features like web, documents, apps, settings, cloud etc. But do you know how to search in […]

Display resolution plays a major role in clarity of your screen in Windows 10. Recommended option is provided by default many-a-times. Laptop screen size are different based on brand and model. Sometimes, you need to change the screen resolution to fit your needs. Windows 10 1909 version provides an easy way to change the size […]

Xbox One is a gaming console from Microsoft. If you face error code 0x80a4001e while playing a game, it could be an account issue. You could face this issue while you were entering your login credentials in your Xbox One account? Microsoft released a notice that this error can occur with logins to Xbox One. […]

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