Cloud storage services are useful for preserving photos, videos and documents. Back-up strategy is one of their key features. Google Drive and OneDrive are two online storage services which have free MB plans with their standard packages. Google Drive comes with free 15GB storage plan. One Drive allows only 5GB, but you can get extra […]

Annoyed by Facebook Sponsored Ads in 2019! You can stop these ads from appearing in your mobile App and desktop. Just follow a few “Ad Preferences” present in you Facebook Settings.  Repetitive appearing makes your social media life more tiresome. Every time you see an Ad in Facebook, you need to click “cross” mark. Once […]

Once you clean install Windows 10, you would expect it work quicker.  To some people’s dismay, it may boot slowly and freeze sometimes. There are lot of complaints in Windows forums that Windows 10 is much slower than 7 and 8.1. But if you make the right tweaks, then this “sick” feeling can go away. […]

Till April 2019, Cortana and Search were tied together in Windows 10. But according to Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief, Dona Sarkar, it may separate both of them as individual processes. This is a major help to Windows 10 community. In the earlier builds of Windows 10 from 2015 to 2018, Cortana and Search were tied […]

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