The best cloud storage plans in 2019 have different features. When you have lot of photos, videos, images, data files and documents on your computer, storage becomes a problem. Though you can save them on the hard-drive and external storage, you need to access them on-the-go. When you are at home it is easy to […]

IDrive is a backup cloud storage plan intended for home and small business users. It has a mobile app, where you can use on Android and iOS. The Windows desktop interface is simple. You can just right-click a folder on your computer and sync to IDrive. This makes it easy to backup important files and […]

To use Google Drive efficiently, we need to manage time. Many of the Gmail users don’t know that their maximum storage limit is 15GB per account. If you are using 5GB of mails, the remaining 10GB is empty. This is where you can make optimum use of the remaining storage space. Google Drive is the […]

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