If you have used Windows phone you are familiar with Microsoft’s Office Mobile productivity suite. The free version of Outlook Mail on Windows 10 mobile phone has come as plain Mail app on Windows 10 PCs. The main advantage is the Mail app interface looks very sleek. It also takes less time to load. With [...]

The “system error” with “can’t get mail” during creation of mail accounts is a common Mail app problem in Windows 10. I experieced this problem while adding my domain mail account. To add POP3/IMAP4 account in Mail app, you need to add some info in the data fields of account creation. If its gmail, yahoo [...]

With the Fall Creators update there are certain new changes. Windows Defender may be turned off by the group policy editor settings. Though it may not occur to everybody, but if you have another antivirus, this can happen. Anyhow having two security mechanisms on the same machine is not a good choice. It can slow [...]

Most of the times, this problem arises because the default playback device is not set to the HDMI output device. For example, you connect your Windows 10 to a Smart TV or another HDMI monitor. But in the playback devices, the default audio device is still set to your computer speakers etc. So if you [...]

In 2018 many devices like printer, tablet, PCs, laptops are connected to your modem/router combination. They are visible under Network in File Explorer in Windows 10. But recently with 1803 Spring Update problem arises with all or some of the devices not visible in the network in any one of the device. The best solution [...]

In the 1709 version of Win 10, one may have recieved the Windows Update Error code of 0x80245006.  This will  stop downloading and installing updates. The cause for this error code can be many.  You need to take an appropriate action based upon the cause of the error. Otherwise bugs, fixes, security patches that are released with [...]

In Windows 10 you can install updates using the option in Settings. The latest is the 1709 version. It is important you be on the latest version, as Microsoft releases patches from time to time. These provide security to your PC. On the other side, they may also repair any Windows problems. Sometimes your computer [...]

The most recent version 1709 has the latest OS build update of 16299.371. This was released on April 10th, 2018. It can be got through the KB4093112 update. We earlier had 1703, 1607, 1511 version updates. Generally you can update Windows 10 to the latest version, using the in-built tool in Settings. But sometimes after [...]

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