How to Set Facebook Security and Privacy Settings in 2021

The best privacy settings for Facebook send the right signals to your friends. You can reduce notifications, annoying messages and friend requests from non-friendly persons and personal information theft.

Facebook account security starts with strong log in protection. Avoid leaking data and sharing personal profiles to stalkers from following you. Friends list should contain majorly personal friends for security.

Always share private data only with friends you know. Online friends can be good and bad.

New Facebook Privacy Settings And Log In Security
How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings and Security

Facebook Change Privacy Settings

Posts, Tagging, Photos and Videos are the key elements of Facebook. Make sure they are public only to the right audience. Otherwise, intruders can misuse the data. Restrict important privacy settings to friends or you.

There is a change in Facebook privacy settings as of 2021. The interface is clean and easy to understand. Privacy shortcuts give a rank ahead of the necessary recommendations to your account.

Facebook activity can set to public. To become an affiliate marketer or influencer in your field. Set limits on how people can contact you – everyone or friends of friends. The new Facebook privacy settings are for everyone with an account.

Facebook Security and Login

Facebook security’s first line of defence is to have powerful log in protection.

The social media giant has made this easy with recommended security settings for login.

Strong encryption of password, two-factor authentication, and login alerts are the key guidance factors.

Recommended Security Settings

To know where you are logged into Facebook, the security settings display the device and location. This way, you can confirm whether it’s you or somebody else trying to snoop into your account.

Create a strong password if it’s weak by changing the old to a new password.

Save login info on browsers and devices you trust. In this way, only trusted devices will be able to open your Facebook account.

Primary Facebook Security And Log In Settings

Multi-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication enables verification code through SMS or third-party authenticator apps.

It is the simplest form of double security in addition to a solid password. Recovery codes help to get back your Facebook account in case of any fraud.

Authorized logins give a list of devices where you need not enter the two-step verification code.

2 Factor Authentication Facebook Login Security

It saves time and also improves reliability. Instead of using Facebook password log in details to log in to apps, use special app passwords.

Extra Security

Set up additional security for Facebook login through alerts and contact list. You can use Messenger and Facebook to notify you when a violator tries to log in to your account.

If your security is cracked and you are locked out, choose 3 to 5 friends to log back in.

Additional Security

Advanced security makes sure that you are the right person using your Facebook account.

Notification emails from Facebook are encrypted and thus prove the authenticity of the source. Recover access to other sites using Facebook accounts.

See the activity of emails from Facebook source to make sure that it’s the social network giant sending the notifications.

For details, instructions follow this guide here –

Privacy Settings and Tools

Facebook privacy is as important in digital life as any other app or site.

However, if the personal images and videos you share with your friends are only made public, it can be awkward at your office or home.

You can make changes like who can see your birthday, relationships, education, etc.

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

You can do activity-related privacy settings here.

For example, you can change who can see your future posts, review who are tagging you and tagged posts, people who can see the pages you follow, etc.

Quickly review some important Facebook privacy settings. You can decide the people and friend’s list to which you can share. Some recommended settings are –

  • Who can see what you share
  • How to keep your account secure
  • How people can find you on Facebook
  • Your data settings on Facebook
  • Your ad preferences on Facebook
Recommended Settings Of Facebook Privacy Checkup
Facebook Privacy Checkup – Recommendations

Facebook Activity

Manage your profile info privacy. Some important personal details like birth date and year, current living location, spouse’s details and mobile number can be made public or kept secret.

Similarly, work and education places lived, contact and basic info, family relationship, details about you and life events are important privacy information.

You can decide whether the public or friends can see these details. You can also lock them, so it’s personal and only available to you.

Privacy settings related to your Facebook activity can also be set here – Who can see future posts, tagging features, limit past posts’ audience and who can see the people who you follow, pages and lists.

Facebook Privacy Setting – How people find you and contact you

Decide who can send friend requests, who can see your friend’s list, who can look up using the email address provided, usage of a phone number to identify you and whether search engines can index your Facebook profile can all be decided here.

Facebook Privacy message requests

Chats lists, Message requests folder and none, are the options to get message requests from different people.

You can decide how people with your phone number, friends of friends on Facebook, account you follow or chatted with on Instagram, your followers on Instagram can contact you in different modes mentioned above.

Facebook Privacy Message Requests

Also, decide on how other people on Facebook and Instagram can send chat requests or message requests. Otherwise, make yourself completely private by selecting don’t send message requests.

For complete information, you can follow this tutorial here –

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