How to Delete or Remove People from Messenger ? Block or Unsync Contacts

Messenger is a chat service provided in Facebook. It can be accessed via the web or mobile. Once you friend somebody on Facebook, they are added as contacts. They can be uploaded to Messenger also. Using the mobile version of Messenger, you can add a contact with the help of a mobile number or email.

Sometimes Facebook and Messenger seem to work as two different services. But there is some integration between them as the latter is part of it. So if you want to delete people from messenger in 2018, the ways are different based on the type of contact and kind of device used.

In this post, let’s see how to delete or remove or block contacts in Messenger.

How to Find your Contacts in Messenger [ Desktop ] ?

There are different ways to find the Messenger App in your browser.  You can click the app icon at the top row beside the “Friend requests” icon. When you click it you will see a list of contacts in Messenger. At the bottom you can see the label – “See all in Messenger”. When you click it you can see all your messenger contacts.

When you click the Messenger icon, the contacts list is populated on the left hand side. There is a gear icon which represents settings. When you click it, you see further options. One of the useful option is “Active contacts”. So if you click it you can see who are all active on Messenger list.

You can also access Messenger from Facebook home page. On the left hand side it is available.

How to Delete Someone on Messenger [Completely] ?

The procedure involves 3-stage operation.

  1. Delete from Messenger
  2. Block all Messages
  3. Remove Contact from Facebook.

To complete this activity, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Messenger app from Facebook.
  2. Search for your friend, contact, person.
  3. Select the contact.
  4. Click the gear icon (settings).
  5. Click on “Block messages” label.
  6. Then click on “Delete” label.
  7. It will display a pop-up window – “Delete Conversation“.
  8. If you want your conversation also to be deleted, click “Delete“. Otherwise “Archive“.
  9. Now go to People app in Facebook and find your friend.
  10. Click the 3 dots beside “Friends“.
  11. Now click the “Unfriend” item.
  12. Logout from Facebook and login again.
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I am mentioning this effort because even when you remove someone from messenger, he/she is still available as a contact in Facebook people app. So he is still be able to send messages to you. For that purpose you need to block them.

But when you search that name in Messenger list, it will show as a contact. For that purpose, if you unfriend him/her, you can be safe it doesn’t add back to messenger list again.

How to Remove Non-Friend from Messenger?

As you can see above, “Jeff Corpuz” is not a friend of mine in Facebook. But he has recently sent a message asking a question about SEO. But he appears in my messenger list.

The procedure is the same as to the process I shown above.

  1. Click the gear icon against that contact.
  2. You can see several options.
  3.  Out of them , Delete and Block messages are relevant here.
  4. When you click Delete, this contact will be removed from messenger.
  5. The same is duplicated in your Messenger mobile app.

In future if I don’t want him to send messages to me, I can simply use the option “Block messages“. This will prevent him from adding to the messenger contact list again.

This is the conversation history I had when I chat with him in Messenger. But when I delete him, this will also be removed.

Delete Non-Friend Business Contact in Messenger

The above business contact had some chat with me in Messenger. But he is neither listed as a friend, nor found as a contact in Facebook. He is listed as a Business page. For this kind of contacts, there is no block messages option. You have only “Delete” option. This will also delete the conversation history.

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How to Remove my Contacts ?

When you are using mobile (Android or iOS), Messenger App may get access to phone contacts. Generally this happens if you give access permission to Messenger to add your mobile contacts.

The contacts in Facebook who are added to Messenger, will now be clubbed with the phone contacts. In another scenario if you import your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook contacts into Messenger, the list keeps growing.

What do you do in such position? These are called “uploaded contacts”.

To remove these kind of contacts follow these steps.

  1. Go to this link –
  2. Click on “Delete All Contacts“.

This should remove all the contacts imported from Facebook or uploaded from email source or synced with mobile phone contacts.

Warning: If you go through the above screenshot there are two important points to note.

  1. You should “turn off the “Sync contacts” setting in the Messenger app.
  2. Turn off the “Continuous call and SMS matching” setting.

You could also see all the contacts you’ve uploaded from Facebook.

The process to delete someone from messenger on iPhone is a lot similar as shown in the web version. You can follow the guide given below, to delete a contact from Messenger in Android.

How to Unsync Facebook Contacts in iOS or iPhone ?

After removing the uploaded contacts using the web browser version of Messenger, they can keep coming up and sync to the contacts list again. In order to unsync them you can see the two below screenshots in iOS.

How to Block Contacts and Messages from Particular Users ?

Even after deleting a contact in Messenger, if somebody is sending you messages it is so annoying. They keep coming in and they’ll clutter your contacts list. As the list grows, Messenger become slow and may also cause hang up. In such cases there is a “blocking” option provided by Facebook.

But what happens when you block someone. Facebook has some special notes which will say how it gives access to contacts when you blocked someone.

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You can also turn off your mobile search option in Facebook, using the “Privacy” setting mentioned above. This will prevent someone from finding you on Messenger or Facebook using your mobile number. The same can be done with Email also.

How To Remove Someone from Messenger in Android Mobile ?

Once you have made up your mind to delete a contact from Messenger in Android it is time to take action. It is important that what type of contact you are removing – friend or non-friend. As the messenger list is populated with uploaded, non-friend, friend contacts, you cannot differentiate one from the other.

The process to delete “unknown” contact added to Messenger in Android is like this –

  1. Open the Messenger App in Android.
  2. Click on the contacts icon at the bottom.
  3. Then click the “All Contacts”. Or you can search for that particular contact.
  4. Beside each contact, there is an “i” symbol rounded. Click it.
  5. On the next screen you see “Remove contact”.
  6. Click it and he will be deleted from the list.

But if someone is your “friend” on Facebook, this option is not available in Android Messenger. First you have to “unfriend” him and then remove that contact. Otherwise you can temporarily block that contact if you don’t want to unfriend him. So afterward if you want to chat or message him, you can again unblock him.

You can also delete all contacts uploaded or added from Facebook using the procedure mentioned above. But as a warning as I mentioned, you need to unsync phone contacts. Otherwise, they may get added up to your messenger list again.


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  • Patrice Apr 18, 2019, 2:12 pm

    I want to ask if the process must be done on my Mac computer since it appears not to show these things on my iPhone. Is the same procedure also currently for 2019?
    Can you address Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram; I’m not sure if there are other more current social media places –
    On another note I’ve heard it virtually impossible to get removed from Snapchat- is that true? Help please thanks bunches

  • Jessica Offenberger Mar 18, 2019, 3:44 am

    I deleted the contact with android and she is still on the list but not listed as connected. How do I remove her from the list?

  • DOBRESCU_Mihai Mar 1, 2019, 7:33 pm

    +___ Hi, PALLA_Sridhar.
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    +___ Also, strange things have happened to us since we have been using the “FaceBook.Com” Static and Mobile Software Application. Once, a certain individual has managed somehow to add one of his photographs to our “FaceBook.Com” Data without our invitation or permission. Another time, another individual has managed somehow to add himself to our contact list without being invited or authorised.
    +___ Can you please comment on these matters?
    +___ Best Regards,
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  • Jerry Sandy Feb 23, 2019, 10:08 pm

    Sorry, I still don’t know what a “gear icon” is

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      @Jerry. It will be something like a wheel. A round icon with cut edges.

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