How to Utilize Facebook Privacy Options to your Best: A Comprehensive Guide

Facebook might have become one of the most amusing places to be, but user privacy is a real concern for people these days.

With the ever-changing privacy control settings, you have to keep a close eye on updates.


Each and every action that you take on Facebook opens up to a whole other kind of privacy and sharing regulations to follow.

Thanks to the transparency demands from audiences and government regulators, Facebook looked through the matter with attention.

Facebook is putting efforts to make the process as manageable as possible, only for the users like you.

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So here, we are about to uncover the ‘ifs and buts’ of Facebook Privacy settings.

Privacy Checkup In Facebook

How to Get an Overview of Your Privacy Settings?

You can always keep a check on your Facebook privacy settings by clicking the question mark icon you find at the top of the Facebook home page, then you have to choose the Privacy Checkup.

This will surely allow you to take a glance over the major areas of Facebook.
Posts: Below we have added an entire section that will explain how to change and control your privacy settings for posts.
Profile: This is the place where you can take over the who gets to see your personal information and who doesn’t.
Apps and Website: Which people are able to see the third party app activities of yours.Facebook Privacy Checkup

How to Control Who Sees Your Posts and Who Doesn’t?

Facebook provides you with the handpicked options to customize the audience base for your upload. The 4 categories are:

Public: You can select this if you wish to encourage people other than your friends to get in touch with you’re uploading. It can appear through both Facebook searches and also viewed by friends of friends.
Friends: This goes while you are only allowing your friends to see your posts. You may have some personal photos uploaded, then this is the best option to go for.
Friends except … If you want to disallow some friends from seeing your posts, than you can choose this option. It happens that some friends are stalking you and misuse your posts. This will prevent them from sharing your posts to others.
Specific Friends: Go with this one if you want your posts to be seen by some of your Facebook friends, and not by everyone. A custom option would be the exact opposite to this one, where you get to choose people from whom you wish to hide your posts.
Only you: Some people like to use Facebook as a personal space to keep memories collected in one place. This option will be limiting the visibility of posts to the account holder.Facebook Privacy Settings Who Sees Your Post

How to Control Who Sees Your Older Posts?

You have to go to Settings to correct some of your old posts privacy options. You can choose Privacy and Limit The Audience privacy options from Public to Friends of Friends. Finally, confirming the limitation would do the work.Privacy Settings Facebook

How to Hide Personal Information You’re Providing?

Facebook collects zillions of information each year, from email Ids, phone numbers, political views location, work and education, family and relationships, life events and so much other information provided by users.

Fortunately, it can be controlled via clicking Privacy Checkup we’ve mentioned earlier.

You can always change who gets to see the About section of your profile by selecting Edit which is found under each section.

Changing the setting from Friends to Only Me to hide personal information holds the key.Privacy Settings Facebook Profile Information

How to Hide Posts from Other People?

There is a Who Should See this? privacy setting. You can find this menu while posting every time. Then you can hit the Custom button form to hide posts from people you don’t want to see you or posts.Who Should See This Facebook Post Privacy Setting

How to Restrict People from Sharing Your Posts and Photos?

You’re left with none other than Only Me to choose for this option. It’s quite easy to share other people’s posts even the privacy setting says, Friends.

If you’ve ever shared a post or a photo it automatically can be re-shared by your friends.

Key Takeaways

This article has tried to cover all your concerns about Facebook privacy settings and options.

If you want to know further then there’s a page offered by Facebook that explains the basics of these privacy tools in addition to the detailed and updated data policies of Facebook. You can keep a check on them.

If you like this guide, you can post your comments, questions and suggestions regarding your opinion on privacy concerns in Facebook. You also add your feature requests, which may be taken to the appropriate channel. 

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