LinkedIn Premium is LinkedIn’s paid subscription service that unlocks additional features and benefits beyond the free version. As a premium subscriber, you get access to more search filters, expanded profiles, additional InMail credits, and more. But how much does LinkedIn Premium actually cost? In this complete guide, we’ll break down the LinkedIn pricing plans and cost of LinkedIn Premium for individual and business subscriptions across different countries.

Overview of LinkedIn Premium Pricing

Before diving into the specific pricing plans, here is an overview of the LinkedIn Premium prices in 2023:

  • Individual plans – Premium Career, Premium Business, and Premium Hiring with monthly and annual pricing options. Typically ranges from $25-$100 per month.
  • Business plans – Premium Business and Premium Hiring licenses for teams. Volume discounts available. Around $50-$100 per user monthly.
  • Countries – Pricing varies slightly for the U.S., UK, India, and other regions. Annual plans offer discounts up to 30%.
  • Features – Higher-tier plans include more features like InMail credits, unlimited searches, salary data, and recruiting tools.

So in general, how much does LinkedIn Premium cost? For individuals, expect $30-$100 per month depending on the plan. For teams, around $50-$100 per user monthly with volume discounts. But let’s take a deeper look at the specific LinkedIn Premium prices

LinkedIn Premium Pricing for Individuals

For individual professionals, LinkedIn offers three tiers of premium subscriptions:

  • Premium Career – Focused on job seeking and career development. This plan allows you to view the full LinkedIn Salary data to benchmark salaries for job titles that interest you.
  • Premium Business – For sales and business networking. This plan lets you see more profile views and full company Page analytics to identify promising leads.
  • Premium Hiring – For recruiters and hiring managers. This recruiting-focused plan provides powerful search filters and InMail credits to connect with candidates.

Here is an overview of the LinkedIn Premium pricing for individuals in 2023:

United States

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Premium Career$29.99/month$239.88/year ($19.99/month)
Premium Business$49.99/month$399.88/year ($33.32/month)
Premium Hiring$99.95/month$999.00/year ($83.25/month)

United Kingdom

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Premium Career£19.99/month£159.88/year (£13.32/month)
Premium Business£34.99/month£299.88/year (£24.99/month)
Premium Hiring£64.99/month£629.88/year (£52.49/month)


PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Premium Career€24,99/Monat€239,88/Jahr (€19,99/Monat)
Premium Business€42,99/Monat€399,88/Jahr (€33,32/Monat)
Premium Hiring€79,95/Monat€799,00/Jahr (€66,58/Monat)

As you can see, Premium Career provides the most affordable entry point to LinkedIn Premium while Premium Hiring has the highest price due to its recruiting tools. Annual subscriptions offer per month savings.

linkedin premium pricing india

LinkedIn Premium Pricing for Businesses

For companies and teams, LinkedIn offers Premium Business and Premium Hiring bundles with multi-user discounts. Here are the pricing tiers:

United States

Number of LicensesPremium BusinessPremium Hiring
5$57.50/month per license$94.50/month per license
10$53.10/month per license$87.30/month per license
25$50.40/month per license$83.20/month per license
50$48.00/month per license$79.60/month per license
100+Contact for QuoteContact for Quote

United Kingdom

Number of LicensesPremium BusinessPremium Hiring
5£40.50/month per license£69.75/month per license
10£37.80/month per license£65.10/month per license
25£35.70/month per license£62.25/month per license
50£34.20/month per license£60.15/month per license
100+Contact for QuoteContact for Quote

The per-user cost of LinkedIn Premium decreases at higher license tiers due to volume discounts. Contact sales for 100+ licenses.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Whether LinkedIn Premium merits the pricing depends on your specific needs. Some benefits to consider:

  • Expanded search filters – Narrow your searches more precisely. Helpful for recruiting.
  • Profile badges – Display badges like “Open to Work” to stand out. Useful for job hunting.
  • Unlimited InMails – Contact anyone without a connection. Great for sales prospecting.
  • Analytics – See who’s viewed your profile and company Page analytics. Valuable insight.
  • Learning courses – Access 15,000+ expert-led courses to upskill yourself.

For most professionals, the paid features can provide a noticeable edge over the free tool. Premium is worth considering if you’ll use the expanded capabilities.

Tips for Saving on LinkedIn Premium

If you want to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium, here are some tips for saving:

  • Choose annual billing over monthly billing for lower rates
  • Take advantage of limited-time promotions and discounted offers
  • See if your company offers employee discounts on Premium
  • Use Premium partner codes when available
  • Consider a split Business Team plan with colleagues

With some strategic moves, you can get solid value from your LinkedIn Premium investment.

I hope this full guide provides clarity on LinkedIn pricing and the cost of LinkedIn Premium across plans! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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