6 Benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business Plan in India – Complete Review

If you are a recruiter or job seeker than LinkedIn business community platform is for you.

Will it help you in your professional role? In India, where “price tag” is considered a liability than an asset, can you afford 2400 INR per month?


Other social platforms are for fun or making friends. But if you are a serious skill expert looking for the best of jobs, than LinkedIn Premium can make wonders.

The Free plan is which everyone gets when they open an account with LinkedIn.

But did you know that there are other Premium Business or Recruiter plans?

Whether you want to connect with the right recruiters or view profiles of the right job seekers, than LinkedIn Premium will help you fulfill your employment needs.

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You can get LinkedIn Premium plan free trial for 1 month which is conditional for each account.

In this post we are going to see 6 benefits of LinkedIn Premium Business Account in India.

Premium Account Options

The following plans are available for LinkedIn users in India, based on their profile. Each type of account is based on your needs and requirements.

Premium Business comes at a price of Rs 2400/month. This plan is best for power users looking for more access and insights.

You get different features like 15 InMail per month, who’s viewed your profile, job insights, salary insights, LinkedIn Learnings, Business Insights and unlimited browsing. You can save 21% on annual plans.

Sales Navigator Pro comes at a price of Rs 4900/month. It is best suited for sales professionals looking to generate leads and build pipeline. The number of InMail per month is 20.

In addition to the Premium Business plan features, you get advanced search filters, jot down notes on leads or candidates to keep their info saved on their profiles.

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The additional sales and hiring tools include sales spotlights, lead recommendations, saved leads and accounts and email integration.

Recruiter Lite comes at a price of Rs 6000/month. This is for HR professionals looking to find and recruit talent. The number of InMail per month is 30.

The additional sales and hiring tools are different compared to Sales Navigator Pro. You get guided search, smart suggestions, saved search alerts and projects.

Recruiter Corporate comes at a pricing of Rs 72,919 per month. You get full access to the entire LinkedIn network, 30+ advanced search filters, 50 saved search alerts, find more people and spotlights.

Number of InMail messages are also 150. You can contact multiple contacts at once. You can also have custom workflows, team collaboration, hiring manager collaboration and track team performance.

LinkedIn Premium Features

The following features are available with a LinkedIn Premium Business account.

  • 15 InMails per month
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Business Insights
  • Job Insights
  • Unlimited people browsing
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Open Profile

You can chat with support if you have any problems related to your account or features.

InMail credits.

Once you connect with a LinkedIn member, you can send him messages on his LinkedIn Messenger.

But some people don’t connect with you. Also, there are premium members who allow only messages to their inbox.

If you have a business proposition to a prospective manager, then you can craft your mail directly to the LinkedIn connection.

This can help if you both are not connected. Also, you can design your InMail templates, to attract your buyers.

To send an InMail to a LinkedIn member you are not connected with, you can visit his profile. Then click the More… button on his card and select Message. You can enter details like Subject, message text etc and click Send.

Who’s Viewed Your Profile

When you click who’s viewed your profile, than complete stats of the visitor members can be seen.

The total number of views in the last 90 days and their details are shown. You can know whether they are 1st or 2nd connection. In addition to that, you can also see for which jobs you are eligible.

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Based on your profile data, LinkedIn Premium suggests the top % of the applicants. You can also see the common interview questions. These include –

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is your greatest strength
  3. What is your greatest weakness
  4. Why should we hire you.

It depends on each category and your profile data. You can get relevant questions in other category fields like – Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Sales Development , Relationship Management etc.

You get AI powered feedback on the delivery of your answer when you practice and record a video.

Business Insights

You can get exclusive insights into 350k+ public and private companies on LinkedIn.

Take informed business decisions by following competitors, market leaders and starters. You can also split growth and hiring trends by function to determine where companies are investing resources.

The premium features include

  • Total employee count
  • Number of people hired from your school
  • Employee distribution and headcount growth by function
  • New hires
  • Notable company alumni
  • Total job openings

Job Insights

When you are looking for an opportunity in your career, you can turn to LinkedIn Premium Job Insights.

You can compare your skills to the qualifications required for open jobs. How you compare against other applicants.

You can use this information to build a solid resume and prep for your interview.

The premium feature include jobs where you’re a top applicant. You can see when the job was posted and can Easy Apply for that post. It also shows how much top % of the number of applicants.

Unlimited people browsing

Since LinkedIn is the largest professional community, there are lot of decision makers, company holders, job seekers, recruiters.

There is no shortage of influential connections.

You can view profile data upto 3rd connection, as a premium member from search results or while browsing similar profiles.

You can search for a job in your location using this premium feature.

For example, if you are looking for SEO Manager in Mumbai area, then you can type that in the search box.

I got around 20,000 results for this search. Then you can filter them based on more micro criterion like 1st, 2nd, 3rd connections, location and company.

Several other filters are also available.

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In the same way, you can search for your ex-colleagues.

Then you can filter them based on different search metrics. When I search for one of my friends who is an IT professional, there are 6880 results.

Since I know that he is my ex-college mate and lives in Australia, I have added relevant filters.

If you know that he is already your existing connection, then you can apply the 1st connection filter.

When I applied that search results reduced to 2. But when I add his post-graduate school in the filter, it gives my ex-classmate business connection.

Then you can either recognize his profile picture or connect with him. If he doesn’t respond, you can even send an InMail as a Premium member.

Open Profile

This enhances your personal brand and allows any LinkedIn Member to see your full profile.

It will also allow other connections to reach out to you, even without InMail credits. This setting can always be adjusted via the Premium Profile settings page.

This will allow you to display Premium Profile badge on your profile and next to your name in search results. You can toggle this feature on and off.


LinkedIn Premium features help you reach out more people in jobs and sales.

It helps recruiters find the relevant candidates who meet their job profile needs.

On the other hand, job seekers can contact HR resource teams directly with InMail credits.

Premium has the additional benefit of finding relevant connections based on filters.

You can also look who’s viewed your profile, which is not available in the free version. This will help job seekers to know if any recruiter is interested in their profile or not.

In all, at a cost of Rs 2400/month, you can reap benefits as an employer or employee, when used in the right way.

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