LinkedIn premium cost India is based on two plans. In 2021, applying for jobs, InMail credits and contacting recruiters is easy with this subscription.

1. Premium Career – Rs 14800+ / year. Save 33% with annual discount of Rs 6200+
2. Premium Business – Rs 3200/month including 18% GST.

Choosing between the two is not much difficult.

Individuals looking for jobs and get hired can choose Premium Career. It costs around INR 1600/month. Sometimes, you get a free 1 month trial to test its features.

The Premium Business plan is around INR 2800/month. Power users who are looking for more access and insights can take this plan. 18% GST is applicable on both the plans. In total you will be playing around INR 3200+/month.

linkedin premium price india

All the features of Career Plan are available. In addition you get Business Insights.

Last Updated On 15th Dec 2021

If you are a job seeker than LinkedIn Premium platform is for you.

Will it help you in your professional role?

In India, where “price tag” is considered a liability than an asset, can you afford 1600 INR per month?

Other social platforms are for fun or making friends. But if you are a serious skill expert looking for the best of jobs, than LinkedIn Premium can make wonders.

The Free plan is which everyone gets when they open an account with LinkedIn.

But did you know that there are other Premium Business or Recruiter plans?

Whether you want to connect with the right recruiters or view profiles of the right job seekers, than LinkedIn Premium will help you fulfill your employment needs.

LinkedIn Premium plan free trial for 1 month is conditional for each account. The LinkedIn stats are mind-blowing.

In this post we are going to see pricing of different plans of LinkedIn Premium in India.

linkedin premium business features

LinkedIn Premium Cost India

The following plans are available for LinkedIn users in India, based on their profile. Each type of account is based on your needs and requirements. It is as per 2020 pricing plans.

linkedin premium plans in india

Premium Business comes at a price of Rs 2400/month. This plan is best for power users looking for more access and insights.

You get different features like 15 InMail per month, who’s viewed your profile, job insights, salary insights, LinkedIn Learnings, Business Insights and unlimited browsing. You can save 21% on annual plans.

This video will show the monthly and annual billing cost of LinkedIn Premium Career and Business plans in India

Sales Navigator Pro comes at a price of Rs 4900/month. It is best suited for sales professionals looking to generate leads and build pipeline. The number of InMail per month is 20.

In addition to the Premium Business plan features, you get advanced search filters, jot down notes on leads or candidates to keep their info saved on their profiles.

The additional sales and hiring tools include sales spotlights, lead recommendations, saved leads and accounts and email integration.

Recruiter Lite comes at a price of Rs 6000/month. This is for HR professionals looking to find and recruit talent. The number of InMail per month is 30.

The additional sales and hiring tools are different compared to Sales Navigator Pro. You get guided search, smart suggestions, saved search alerts and projects.

Recruiter Corporate comes at a pricing of Rs 72,919 per month. You get full access to the entire LinkedIn network, 30+ advanced search filters, 50 saved search alerts, find more people and spotlights.

Number of InMail messages are also 150. You can contact multiple contacts at once. You can also have custom workflows, team collaboration, hiring manager collaboration and track team performance.

FAQ – LinkedIn Premium


LinkedIn Premium features help you reach out more people in jobs and sales.

It helps recruiters find the relevant candidates who meet their job profile needs.

On the other hand, job seekers can contact HR resource teams directly with InMail credits.

Premium has the additional benefit of finding relevant connections based on filters.

You can also look who’s viewed your profile, which is not available in the free version. This will help job seekers to know if any recruiter is interested in their profile or not.

In all, at a cost of Rs 1600/month, you can reap benefits as an employee, when used in the right way.

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  1. in career premium is there job posting is free?

  2. Venkateshwar Rao Mamidala says:

    Dear Sir
    I am writing articles in Facebook since 10 years. Now the people of various countris like USA, Germany, Russya,china ……..are visiting my website and showing interest.
    If you have any premium services in those countries inform me your charges keeping my problems as mentioned above.

    1. Palla Sridhar says:

      If your services benefit your community, people will reach you. But there are country barriers which may restrict your business.

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