Looking to leverage LinkedIn Recruiter to find top talent for your organization? As the world’s largest professional network with over 740 million members, LinkedIn is packed with potential candidates for your open roles.

But before diving into using LinkedIn Recruiter, it’s important to understand the different pricing options available. LinkedIn Recruiter comes with several tiers and packages, with varying levels of features and capabilities.

In this complete guide, we’ll break down the key details on LinkedIn Recruiter pricing so you can make the right choice for your hiring needs and budget.

Overview of LinkedIn Recruiter Packages

LinkedIn Recruiter is available in three main packages:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite – The basic LinkedIn Recruiter option focused on passive candidate sourcing.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Professional – The mid-level package with added features like candidate relationship management.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate – The most advanced package with talent pool collaboration, analytics dashboard, and more.

In addition, LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Recruiter for Staffing Teams specifically tailored for recruiting and staffing firms.

Here’s a comparison of the key differences between the main LinkedIn Recruiter packages:


Search LinkedIn database
Send InMail messages15/month75/month150/month
Save search alerts51525
Candidate relationship management
Talent pool collaboration
Analytics dashboard
LinkedIn Recruiter Plans – Comparison

Next, let’s look at the pricing options and costs for each of these LinkedIn Recruiter solutions.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Pricing

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite focuses solely on passive candidate sourcing. With this basic package, you can:

  • Search the LinkedIn member database
  • Save up to 5 search alerts
  • Send 15 InMail messages per month

The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs $649 per recruiter seat per year. Volume discounts are available if you purchase 10+ seats.

Some key things to note with Recruiter Lite:

  • No multi-user access to accounts
  • No ability to create talent pools or candidate profiles
  • Very limited InMail volume each month

Overall, Lite works best for individual recruiters or small teams focused exclusively on passive sourcing a few roles at a time. The limited InMail makes it challenging to actively engage candidates at scale.

LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Pricing

LinkedIn Recruiter Professional offers significantly more capabilities while still focused on individual recruiter productivity. Key features include:

  • Search LinkedIn database
  • Save up to 15 search alerts
  • Send 75 InMail messages per month
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Shared talent pools

The LinkedIn Recruiter Professional costs $1249 per recruiter seat per year. Volume discounts start at 5+ seats.

Some key things to note with Recruiter Professional:

  • Multiple recruiters can access the same account
  • Moderate InMail volume for active outreach
  • CRM to track candidates and manage relationships

Professional works well for small to medium sized recruiting teams that are actively sourcing and engaging candidates. The CRM and shared talent pools provide a team-based approach.

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Pricing

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate is the most advanced package, optimized for collaboration and analytics across large global recruiting teams. Key features include:

  • Search LinkedIn database
  • Save up to 25 search alerts
  • Send 150 InMail messages per month
  • Talent pool collaboration
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Robust CRM capabilities

The LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate costs $1749 per recruiter seat per year. Volume discounts start at 100+ seats.

Some important things to note with Recruiter Corporate:

  • Advanced collaboration features
  • Highest InMail volume for large-scale outreach
  • Powerful talent analytics and reporting

Corporate is designed for enterprise recruiting teams who need a full-featured platform to source, engage, and manage candidates. The premium capabilities justify the higher pricing.

LinkedIn Recruiter for Staffing Teams

In addition to the packages above, LinkedIn offers a tailored solution called Recruiter for Staffing Teams. This includes all the capabilities of Recruiter Corporate along with specific staffing features like:

  • Ability to highlight potential submissions to clients
  • Contractor management capabilities
  • Custom billing and payment options

LinkedIn Recruiter for Staffing Teams costs $259 per recruiter seat per month when billed annually. Discount packages are available based on volume.

This staffing-focused package provides immense value by optimizing LinkedIn Recruiter for full lifecycle recruiting from sourcing to placement. The monthly billing also provides flexibility.

Getting the Most Value From Your LinkedIn Recruiter Investment

To maximize value from your LinkedIn Recruiter purchase, focus on a few key areas:

1. Select the right package based on your current team size, hiring volume, and budget constraints. Start with Professional or Corporate to access key features like CRM, analytics, and collaboration.

2. Invest in training to master advanced searching, cold outreach, and candidate engagement using LinkedIn Recruiter.

3. Monitor key metrics like source of hire, time to fill, and pipeline generation using the recruitment analytics within Recruiter.

4. Continually refine your talent pools by adding new prospects and removing inactive candidates. A clean, up-to-date talent pool is invaluable.

5. Stay on top of new features and updates to fully utilize the platform over time as LinkedIn adds capabilities.

Investing in the right LinkedIn Recruiter package and leveraging it strategically can significantly boost your talent acquisition results. With the pricing and packages detailed above, you can make the best decision for your recruitment team.

Ready to get started? Request a demo or consult with a LinkedIn representative to explore your options in more depth. LinkedIn Recruiter can provide immense value in finding and engaging people – you just have to find the right fit for your needs and budget!

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