The Xbox One Controller can be a wired or wireless one. The wireless one is usually connected through Bluetooth while the wired one through USB.

Removing the bluetooth driver from the Settings app of Windows 10/11 and then adding the Xbox Controller as a device may fix the problem.

The Xbox One controller is an important video game controller to play games on Windows 10 and 11 PCs. It can be connected to the laptop or desktop using a mini-USB cable. If there is any error in connection then it will not work in the right way.

It is used to interact with games, apps, and the Xbox console.

xbox setting windows 10

Xbox drivers are necessary to play the games perfectly. Otherwise, the device will not function properly. The problematic case is the incompatibility between the Windows version and the primary game controller. 

In 2021 and 2022, few people had problems with the wireless Xbox controllers. There are different models like SME Xbox 360 wired controller gamepad for pc, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller etc.


Xbox Controller when connected via Bluetooth, it will display under the Bluetooth devices. In this mode certain games like FIFA recognize it as a genuine controller. Otherwise, the FIFA game doesn’t recognize and support the controller.


The Xbox One Controller is identified as a Bluetooth LE XInput device, instead of a standard controller. The user upgraded the firmware after purchasing it and changed the driver from Device Manager in Windows 10. But it didn’t work!

In another case, Xbox series X/S controller vibration stops completely after some time. Xbox game bar shows battery is critical, but Bluetooth is 100%. In the device manager, under game controllers, it is shown as a Razer Xbox 360 controller.

USB device not recognized is another typical problem for Xbox wired controllers – Can be cable problem.

Xbox One controller not working on PC, USB device not showing up on PC, USB device not found, keeps disconnecting PC – Mostly driver problem.

Xbox One controller USB device not recognized, just flashing, blinking – Pairing problem.

Common Solutions to Xbox Controller not Connected Issue

  1. Unplug and replug the controller to the USB slot.
  2. Reinstall Xbox Controller drivers.
  3. Reinstall Bluetooth drivers and Add Xbox controller again.
  4. Check Windows Update.
  5. Reinstall drivers after Windows 10 upgrade to 11.

Xbox cannot be connected using Bluetooth but only through USB

When it is connected to the mini-USB or USB, the indicator flashes for a little and stops. The Xbox Accessories app on the Windows 10 PC does not show the controller. Windows Updates may not fix the problem.


  • In such cases, the Xbox controller can be listed as an USB3.0 extensible Host Controller under USB controllers in Device Manager.
  • Right click the device and update the driver through Windows update.
  • It automatically searches for the right USB drivers and installs them.
  • Otherwise, you can download them from the computer or USB manufacturer and browse through the location of drivers.
  • Then install them. It will fix in most cases.
  • Unplug and Replug. Pairing may need to be done again for some devices.

Solution #1 – Xbox One Controller Batteries Not Working

Rechargeable batteries in the Xbox controller might have been exhausted. In that case, the bluetooth or wireless connection fails to work suddenly. You just have to use a wired USB cable to directly connect to the console. This is a temporary solution. Later you can use new batteries.

Then you may be required to remove the device from bluetooth connections and add the controller device again as a new bluetooth one. It will automatically recognize the controllers. Just pair it and you are good to go.

Solution #2 – Try Troubleshooter of Windows 10/11

Run the Troubleshooter for Hardware and Devices in Windows 10/11. If certain system files are corrupt, it will fix them. It also reset some components which are registered with Windows. If this works out, it is a quick fix and you are lucky. Sometimes, it may take time for the process to complete.

fix problems with xbox wireless controller bluetooth connection

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