Many users surface this error code 0x803f900a while playing their favorite Xbox One game.

Xbox one offers a quality immersive gaming experience that stands unanimous to all.


This error code is usually displayed when you try to play your favorite Xbox one game without the required permissions.

However, this error may also occur when you leave the game on the desktop on standby.

You may enable/disable the network connection, or even restart the desktop screen to regain the consciousness of your game.

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Xbox Error Code 0x803f900a – Common Reasons

Some of the reasons why the code appeared on the screen can be any of the following. Take a firm glimpse at them:

  • If the Xbox services are not being able to recognize the account’s purchase of the game, then they halt the services until confirmation.
  • The given console for the game may be faulty, it may not work. Check it closely.

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Thoughtful Practical Solutions – Xbox Error 0x803f900a

Apart from this, talking about some straight and worthy solutions, the following are explained for you:

  • Sign in while owing the subscription.

    1. Press the Xbox button, and then Sign in.
    2. If the account holder is not signed in, then look for the Switch profile or Add new.
  • Renew if the same has been expired.

    1. Signing in and still not able to start, means that it requires renewal.
    2. Press the Xbox button, and then select System.
    3. Go to Settings> Account> Subscriptions.
    4. Click on Extend your subscription and follow accordingly.

How to Fix the Xbox Error Code 0x803f900a

If the above smart solutions cannot solve your issues then just don’t worry, we have something more appealing and practical waiting for you:

Fix #1

If you like taking control of your problems just like your life, you may even look for solutions like reinstalling and installing, sign-in, or sign-out.

Well, it is a solution that seems to work for many, but if you are still the odd one out, then let take a look at another.

Fix #2

Try to reset your console. It may not be uptight.

Switch off the power button for about 10 seconds, until it shuts down completely.

Unplug, and then plug-in to turn the Xbox one on.

Out of the ordinary if this also doesn’t work, then let’s take a step forward.

Fix #3

Don’t be stingy.

Pay the subscription fee or the renewal fee whatsoever.

For this, you may need to go to the settings and then click on subscriptions.

Fix #4

It might be that the console may be surfacing Network issues.

Not being able to detect your connecting network or unable to set up a network connection altogether.

Also, it may sometimes not connect to Xbox Live. Make some movements and reset them.

Fix #5

The quality of the network is another issue.

Poor streaming, abrupt disconnection, or buffering can be counted as some genuine reasons.

Make sure to connect with good quality and consistent speed.

Fix #6

Before troubleshooting, do not forget to check any notifications and service alerts and also fill in the valid reason for your encountered issue.

Fix #7

Removing the profile entirely from the console can also be tried when none of the above works, and then download it back again.

It may help refresh your account’s information on the console.

Fix #8

Make sure that your console is enrolled in the Xbox Insider program.

Fix #9

The possible problem may be with a glitch on EA access. It can be problematic and prevent you from running games and apps.

Fix #10

Feel free to explore the right solutions in the Xbox troubleshooting hub to take care of your particular issue as well.

Fix #11

It may be possible that the game was bought by someone else not signed in particularly in the Xbox one console.

Fix #12

Insert the game disc into your console.

Xbox One Gold 0x803f900a Error code

Some of you might be facing a problem of access as and when you have turned to Gold subscription after the expiry of the original or previous membership.

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After that, you must not be able to access any of the games and surfaced with the above error every time you tried to sign up. Isn’t it?

How do you solve this?

The primary steps to solve it are as follows:

  • Make sure that the subscription is active and verify it on the console and the Microsoft site.
  • Remove both the accounts on the console and switch it off.
  • Unplug the console, turn it on and add the primary account under the active subscription.

Other Solutions

Still not able to solve the problem of error from following the above, try this:

  • Try to run a connection test from your console to the Xbox Live Series.
  • Removing and again adding the profile usually solves the issue.
  • Make sure that the games have been bought from the store authentically and not included in the game pass.
  • Make sure that the gold subscription account is designated as the home Xbox account.
  • The free games with gold are linked to the account with a subscription.
  • Any other owned games with be displayed in your purchase history and can be accessed by that account at any time.

User Feedback on the Error

Some of the players and Xbox users have given the following feedback.

That some of the games do not allow entry when accessed with a Gold Subscription. It may be possible that there might be some limitations with the package regulations. For instance, they state that Forza Horizon 4 is not available on Gold subscription while King’s Quest is available.

Gold must include everything on Live while the same has not been verified as far.

Furthermore, some forums report that Xbox Live Gold is the paid subscription that stands for the overall services of the Xbox Live.

To play online and access the deals, you access to Xbox Live Gold and even get the “Free games” with gold every month.

Downloaded Free games with Gold subscription trial, are valid for that period only. They are payable after trial ends. You need to have an active paid subscription, after the claimed trial.


If you want to access free game of Gold subscription, you need to have an active Gold subscription account.

You can access Forza Horizon 4 with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. Not, the Gold one.

Also, this game was never available as a free game with the Gold subscription.

King’s Quest is a free listed game. In general, you can access the same if you have the Xbox One Console with or without the Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

If you still face the issue you may, connect herein and state the issue in more detail so that we may offer to solve and understand your problem in a more accurate way.

Do share if the above solutions have served you any help regarding your odd problems, it might serve an insight for our future readers and players.

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