This is a Windows Update error. After Windows 10 Anniversary update was released in Aug, 2016, error code 0x80070057 was synonymous with the 1607 update. After installing for 2%, this error starts appearing.

Generally, there are several ways of doing this 1607 update. You can use the Windows Update program, like in Windows 7. Otherwise, you can also use the Media Creation Tool. You can download this software from Microsoft website.

If you are successful, in completely downloading the Windows 10 edition, you are almost at a solution to windows error code 80070057.


How to Fix Windows Error Code 80070057 during Anniversary Upgrade?

The following simple fix may work in your favor.

[highlight]The main cause of this error is the conflict between Windows Update and Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Tool. So, in order to solve this error, you need to disable your network connection like LAN or WAN using which you are connected to the Internet.[/highlight]

If you are using a Wi-Fi, you can simply use the “Airplane mode” available in Windows 8.1 or 10.

Then the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool will successfully complete the Anniversary (1607) update without any flaws. So, in order to fix this update error code 80070057 in Windows 10, you should have an offline installation file of the Anniversary Upgrade. This is because, you will be disconnected during the downloading and installation process.


So, if you are using an Ethernet or a LAN cable, you can just disconnect it from the back of your PC. Otherwise, you can also unplug the wire that goes to your router or modem. You can also switch of the network adapter to prevent the desktop from connecting to the Internet.

Yet another fix to this error code is to use the Media Creation Tool. Then you can do a clean install keeping the Settings and Apps.

Sometimes there can be a conflict with the Windows Defender mechanism which tries to update and fail as well. So, during the installation of this 1607 update, you can just turn off the security. But beware, that you don’t use any Internet operations during this period.

You can directly download the ISO file of the Anniversary Update and run it with Administrator privileges. If you are connected to your TV through router or HDMI cable, you can also try disconnecting it and run the ISO file.

Latest Fix for Error Code 80070057 in Windows 10

Currently there is an “Update now” button at this link.

You can try, if that fixes the error code in Windows 10.

As a last resort, you can also try completely install the Windows 10 again. Then you can do the above process to fix the Anniversary Upgrade error.

To do this, first visit the above page.

  1. Run the “Download Tool” with administrator privileges.
  2. Accept the license terms.
  3. Then when it asks the question – “What do you want to do”, you select “Upgrade this PC now” and select Next.

get-latest-updates-windows-10-upgrade-pc windows-10-upgrade-keeping-settings-files

If you have the ISO file of 1607 update, you can run the below Upgrade Assistant file.

The current file name of this Upgrade Assistant is – Windows10Upgrade28084.exe.


The main conflict causing this problem is the network connection. So, since the upgrade takes around 30 minutes to complete, repeated failures can frustrate you. So in order to save time, it’s always better to download the 1607 update as an ISO file and then disconnect the LAN cable and run the Upgrade Assistant tool. This should fix the problem.

Otherwise, you can also disconnect any high-end devices like HDMI TV or Xbox, to check if that solves the error.

Please let me know if you could solve this error in Windows 10!! What was the previous situation or state your Windows 10 computer was, when this error code 80070057 appeared? Also, what other trouble-shooting steps you tried. I will try to update this article for the same error code in Windows 7 and 8.1 and Office 365.

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