Xiaomi Redmi Hotspot Error – Quick Guide to Fix in Easy and Simple Steps

Are you unable to connect to Wi-Fi or hotspot on your Redmi note phone or on your Xiaomi phone?

Are you getting the Redmi Note Hotspot Error while trying to connect to the hotspot?

Most of us know that restarting a phone fixes most of the issues on the phone.


Same thing applies to this kind of network error.

You may also sometimes not find the hotspot listed in the network settings page of your phone.

Redmi note hotspot not working becomes crucial and troublesome when you are trying to connect to the hotspot to do some important office work or attend online meetings.

Do not worry! You are not alone.


Redmi portable hotspot errors are quite common in all Redmi note phones.

These errors occur both with the phone’s wi-fi and hotspot.

You will encounter the Redmi hotspot error when trying to turn on wi-fi or hotspot.

The Wi-Fi or Hotspot name you are looking for is not listed under the network settings.


Xiaomi Redmi Hotspot Error – Overview

The problem seems complicated. In most cases you can fix this error in a few simple steps.

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You need not worry about going to the service center to get it fixed.

If you find your Redmi Note Hotspot not working, then the solution is at your fingertips.

The first couple of methods are quite simple. Others may involve more steps but are not complicated at all. The latest MIUI 11.0.2 and 11.0.8 (redmi interface over android) features are mentioned for explanation purpose.

Typical screenshots from Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone are included. Your phone settings based on the Redmi phone model and MIUI interface may vary.

Steps to fix the XiaomiRedmi note hotspot error:

Method: 1 – Restart phone

The first, easiest and most basic step in fixing the hotspot error is to simply restart the phone.

This can be done by simply long pressing the small key on the side of your phone. Several options come up on the screen. You can tap on “Restart“.

Go to Settings > Portable hotspot and check if you are able to connect to hotspot.

Method :2 – Turn on/off Airplane mode

The second method for fixing the hotspot error in xiaomi phone is as easy as the first. Just perform the following steps:

Settings > More > Aeroplane mode

Turn it on and turn it off.


When you do this, your phone’s settings will get reset and may fix the error.

Now you can go back to your phone’s hotspot. Try to connect. See if it is working.

This will mostly solve the issue. If not, proceed to the next method.

Method 3 – Turn off/on the Wi-Fi

The third simple and easy method that can help fix your Redmi note hotspot error is to turn off and turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi and hotspot settings.

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To do this, you can follow the steps below:

Settings > Wi-Fi

Tap the turn on/off toggle options for both “Wi-fi” as well as “portable hotspot”.

Wait for a few seconds and turn them both on.

Now try and connect to the hotspot.

Ideally, this should fix your hotspot error code.

Method 4 – Check for system updates:

The next method that can help you fix the Redmi error is to do a system update.

Phone companies regularly roll out system updates. These updates contain software updates as well as fixes for known issues.

Sometimes we may forget to do these updates or miss them totally. Such cases may lead hotspot network not working properly.

To fix this issue, perform the following steps:

Settings > About phone

Check if any update is available. If it is, then run the update.

Restart the phone after the update is complete.

This will fix the issue.

Method 5 – Reset Network Settings:

You can also reset your wi-fi, mobile and bluetooth network settings to fix this hotspot error in redmi phones.

Reset Network Settings in Xiaomi Redmi phones

Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset > Reset settings. 

Tap on this. You will get a message window saying that “All your settings have been reset”.

If you are using a different model than redmi note 4, typical path could look like this.

  • On your phone go to “Settings”. Click on “Connection and Sharing”.
  • On this page, look for an option called “Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth
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Now click on OK. Restart your phone and try to connect to the hotspot.

Method 6 – Clear system data

If you are still facing the Redmi hotspot error when connecting your phone to the hotspot, follow the next set of steps. This is another technical procedure but is sure to fix the hotspot error in Redmi phone.

On your phone go to

Settings > Manage apps

Once the “Manage apps” screen opens, you will find a search box on the top.

Type “System launcher” in this box, and once the system launcher opens, click on “Storage”.

You will find an option called “Clear data”. Click on it, and then click on “Clear all data”. You will get a message asking “Delete all data?” Click OK.

Now restart your phone and try to connect to the hotspot.

NOTE: This step will completely delete all app data from your phone including settings, accounts, files, databases, and cache. Keep this in mind while performing this step. You will have to reinstall all the apps later. You can take important back before following this method.

This method is a sure shot fix common hotspot errors in your Xiaomi Redmi phone.

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