If you want to connect your android phone and Windows 10, then you can make use of “Your Phone”. This can be seen in the “Settings”. The corresponding app on Android called “Your Phone Companion” has to be installed from the Play Store.

Redmi Note 4 and phones have earlier versions of Android 9, could only see recent photos, recent messages and notifications of your mobile in the “Your Phone” Windows 10 app. But after the 1809 update, this app is updated to see all your apps on your smartphone.

Initially it was working for the Samsung Galaxy phones of S and A series families. To see the Android-to-Windows 10 app streaming feature, you need to have Android 9 or later. To check if the app service is working on Samsung Galaxy M20, I tried to connect both the Your Phone apps.

I was using the Wi-Fi of my TP-Link Router to see if Windows 10 and the Samsung phone connect on the network.

Steps to Connect Samsung Galaxy M20 to Windows 10 PC

In the latest version of 20H2 update, you can see the “Phone” item in “Settings”. Then make sure that “Shared Experiences” is enabled in the “System” setting. Then only, you can add a phone to the Windows 10 PC.

  1. Install the “Your Phone Companion” app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Sign-in with your Microsoft account to link both the devices.
  3. Certain permissions to access your media, files, photos are requested.
  4. These include to access your contacts, make and manage phone calls, photos, media, SMS messages and files on your Samsung M20.
  5. You may also receive a warning to “Stop optimising battery usage”.
  6. Install the “Your Phone” app from the Microsoft Store.
  7. Click on “Add a phone” in the “Phone” option of “Settings”.
  8. You should see “Allow the connection” notification on your Samsung M20.
  9. Finally, you see a message that “Your phone and PC are linked”.
  10. To see notifications of your phone, you need “Notification access” on your phone.

Problem with “Check your PC”

If you are receiving an error while linking your Samsung M20 and your desktop, then try the following solutions.

  1. First install the “Your Phone” app on your mobile. Then start following the steps mentioned above by linking with your Microsoft account.
  2. Make sure that “Your Phone’ is not uninstalled on your PC. If so, reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi Router settings can interfere with the connection. In that case change your Network settings in your router. Typically, the following settings should work.
  4. Change the DNS servers to the following – and


Even though I was able to successfully connect my Samsung M20 with Windows 10 PC, I was still not able to access the apps on my phone. There was an option to make and receive calls from your PC. But to make it work, your PC needs Bluetooth for the calling feature to work.

Other than that, I was able to access the photos, notifications and messages. But I think to receive only these features on your PC from your Android, is not enough. If the feature to access all the apps on your mobile would be a good idea.

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