How to Disable Searching Windows Update for Device Drivers in Windows 7 and 10

Policy Has Been Set To Prevent Searching Windows Update For Drivers

Windows 7 and 10 are different on installing drivers. Bluetooth adapters need to establish their drivers based on laptop and computer models. Acer will have different drivers compared to DELL, HP, and Samsung.  Microsoft Generic Drivers Windows can install Microsoft generic drivers for Windows. Also Read – CCleaner – The Best Driver Update Utility for

How to Set Facebook Security and Privacy Settings in 2021

Facebook Privacy Checkup

The best privacy settings for Facebook send the right signals to your friends. You can reduce notifications, annoying messages and friend requests from non-friendly persons and personal information theft. Facebook account security starts with strong log in protection. Avoid leaking data and sharing personal profiles to stalkers from following you. Friends list should contain majorly

How to Stop Getting Emails from Quora – Related Requests, Questions, Answers

Stop Receiving Emails From Quora

Quora is a nice platform to get your questions answered. Many experts give their valuable answers to relevant questions. This is like free advice. Though recently it has been spammed for popularity purposes, in the initial days it was getting good rapport and support from professionals. For example, if you would like to know how

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy M20 to Windows 10 PC using Your Phone

Your Phone Connect Android To Pc

If you want to connect your android phone and Windows 10, then you can make use of “Your Phone”. This can be seen in the “Settings”. The corresponding app on Android called “Your Phone Companion” has to be installed from the Play Store. Redmi Note 4 and phones have earlier versions of Android 9, could

How to Utilize Facebook Privacy Options to your Best: A Comprehensive Guide

Privacy Checkup In Facebook

Facebook might have become one of the most amusing places to be, but user privacy is a real concern for people these days. With the ever-changing privacy control settings, you have to keep a close eye on updates. Related How to Block Sponsored Ads in Facebook – Overview and Partial Solution How to Block Someone