Quora is a nice platform to get your questions answered. Many experts give their valuable answers to relevant questions. This is like free advice.

Though recently it has been spammed for popularity purposes, in the initial days it was getting good rapport and support from professionals. For example, if you would like to know how to apply for VISA to a foreign country, the answers from the community would help us.

Since the original documentation is very technical, reading all of that may be bothersome. Alternatively, for novices and dummies you can read only the summary with Quora answers.

By default, Quora will send relevant emails and notifications whenever somebody follows you and puts a question to you. This can be a lot of headache with the mailbox getting filled with spam messages.

For example, Gmail has only the limitation of 15GB free space. This includes documents, photos and others in 2021. If the junk adds to this, then your Gmail account can soon be blocked.

The best way always is to get a weekly digest of all the important information on Quora. Only relevant questions will be sent to you based upon your usage. This is much more useful than getting tons of messages or completely blocking Quora sending you emails.

In case, you decide to stop getting emails from Quora, then you can follow these steps.

How to Cease Getting Notification Emails from Quora

  1. Click the profile picture after you login to your Quora account.
  2. Click on “Settings” from the menu.
  3. Email & Notifications on the left hand side.
  4. Uncheck the option for which you want to stop receiving emails.

Email and Notifications Available on Quora

The following things are available in the Content Channels.

  1. General Questions and Answers
  2. Messages, Comments & Mentions
  3. Spaces
  4. You and Your Network
  5. Activity on your Content
  6. From Quora
  7. Things you might like

Let’s see each of them in detail.

General Questions and Answers

In this section there are three sub-types.

  1. New Answers
  2. Requests
  3. Session Answers

If you are getting too many requests to answer the questions, then you can block the second option. You can manually visit the Quora account and see the requests. I personally feel this is overwhelming if you have become an influencer in your niche.

If you are following too many people and they are answering many questions in their sessions, then you will be sent emails of all that information. This can be very mind-blowing. On the other side, if you are following few people and only relevant questions, then you can keep this checked.

If you ask too few questions and get less answers, then you can enable the first option. In that way you can know how popular your question is.

Messages, Comments, Mentions

You can uncheck these options if you receive too many direct messages, comments and replies on your content, notifications when someone mentions you. This will stop getting relevant messages to your Inbox of your email messenger.


This is a special feature of Quora, where only selected people are allowed to form a group kind of thing. You can create a community of people on Quora using Spaces. If somebody invites you to a space or accepts your invitation, you can uncheck this option to stop receiving such mails.

Similarly receiving email updates when there are space updates can also be stopped. Sometimes, Quora suggests relevant spaces to you through email. This option also can be unchecked to stop receiving mails about it.

You can also set a frequency about for email updates for spaces you are following.

You and Your Network

It is truly disturbing if you receive email notification every time somebody follows you. This option you can uncheck to stop receiving such emails.

Manage about updates from people whom you are subscribed to and follow.

Activity on Your Content

  2. Shares of my content
  3. Moderation

Except the last option, you can uncheck the first too if you are receiving too many emails about upvotes and shares. But if your answers are moderate then, you need to get notification. So it is better to leave the last option checked.

Quora Digest

Instead of receiving a daily dose of emails, you can make sure a weekly digest email is sent about your activity. This is useful to keep updated about your account and also receive less emails.

Things You Might Like

  1. Popular Answers
  2. Stories based on your Activity
  3. Recommended Questions

This is like an artificial intelligence approach to your Quora activity. If you would like to receive interesting questions and answers based on your reading, then you can keep this on. This will make sure relevant Quora information is sent to you when needed.


As can be seen from the above, you can completely block all email messages from Quora using the settings above. If you uncheck all, you will not receive any notifications. Then the main purpose of the Quora platform will not be served.

Instead if you can uncheck the populous categories and leave the relevant ones checked, you can mine important information.

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