How to Export or Import Gmail Contacts in 2019

To send mail in bulk or add in another email client, you need to export or import gmail contacts in different formats. In 2019, the interface has changed a bit.

The tutorials on the internet show the steps that are little obsolete.

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In this post, you are going to learn how to export your Gmail contacts in simple steps.

1. Login to your gmail account.
2. Click on the 9 square icon which indicates Google Apps.
3. Scroll through the apps, until you find the “Contacts” app.

4. Click on it.
5. Another page opens related to Contacts. Otherwise, you can enter “” in the address bar.
6. On the left-hand side you will see different items like Contacts, Frequently contacted, Duplicates, Labels etc.
7. Click on the “More” item

8. You can see two options here – 1. Import 2. Export
9. When you click “Export”, a small pop-up opens.
10. You can export selected contacts or all contacts or contacts in a particular list.
11. You can export them in Google CSV, Outlook CSV and vCard (for iOS Contacts) formats.

12. Click on the Export button.

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It will save in the desired format as a file. For example, the Google CSV file format will contain information like –

a. Name
b. Given Name
c. Additional Name
d. Family Name
e. Yomi Name
f. Maiden Name
g. Birthday
h. Gender
i. Location
j. Group Membership
k. E-mail 1 – Type
l. E-mail 1 – Value
m. Phone 1 – Type
n. Phone 1 – Value

and many other details.

To import Gmail contacts follow these steps.

1. Click on the Import item. Another pop-up opens
2. To import contacts select a CSV or vCard file, using “Select file”.

3. Then click the “Import” button.

To import contacts from another Gmail account, just export those contacts in Google CSV format. Then select that file and click Import.

But you may face some problems during import of contacts. This is because of certain limitations.
1. You cannot import more than 3000 contacts at a time.
2. You need to split the contacts into multiple CSVs, if the contacts are more than 3000.
3. At the maximum, you can import 25000 contacts.
4. You have to select the right file format. It should be either vCard or CSV file.

How to Export or Import Gmail Contacts in 2019
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