How to Update NVIDIA High Definition Audio Drivers for Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7

There is no sound from HDMI if you have issue with nvidia high definition audio driver.

You can download and install NVIDIA high definition audio driver manually or automatically.

In this post you are going to learn methods to download and update NVIDIA high definition audio drivers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

First you need nvidia gpu hardware installed on your PC or laptop. Then you install the necessary driver software to make it work smoothly.

What are NVIDIA High Definition Audio Drivers

You don’t find HD audio drivers for many of the NVIDIA products. This is because, in most of the cases, NVIDIA sells a GPU (Graphical processing unit). This includes both the video and sound card.

So what you require is NVIDIA GPU drivers.

The following is an excerpt which emphasizes the same theory.

I found out that it’s not necessary to install the NVIDIA “HD audio driver” [which is for the HDMI audio port for connecting your TV]. Because Windows already has default support for it [Windows automatically installs its own default driver for it]. And it works just the same.

So keep that in mind–it will be one less thing you have to deal with in the future. 🙂

Tested on…

Windows 7 x64 SP1
GeForce GTX 660 Ti Superclocked

Source :

In most cases, NVIDIA will install the HD audio driver along with the GPU drivers and other things like GeForce Experience.

So if you are having problem with audio, just disable the NVIDIA HD audio in the Device Manager. Also some motherboards support only VIA or Microsoft default HD driver.

The following are some of the NVIDIA products for which HD audio drivers are needed.

  • nvidia geforce 8600 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce 9400 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce 9600 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce gt 540m driver
  • nvidia geforce 7300 le driver
  • nvidia geforce gt 330m driver
  • nvidia geforce gts 450 driver
  • nvidia geforce gt 520m driver
  • nvidia geforce 9600m gt driver
  • nvidia geforce gtx 570 driver
  • nvidia geforce gtx 580 driver
  • nvidia geforce 7300 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce gtx 560 driver
  • nvidia geforce gt 525m driver
  • nvidia geforce 8400 gs driver
  • nvidia geforce gts 250 driver
  • nvidia geforce gt 240 driver
  • nvidia geforce 8800 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce 8500 gt driver
  • nvidia geforce gtx 460 driver
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Method 1: Download the NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver
Method 2: Using Device Manager to update NVIDIA Driver
Method 3: Download and Install the Driver from NVIDIA website
Method 4: Using automatic tool like Driver Booster

The steps and screenshots mentioned below are with reference to Windows 10. Details will be similar in Windows 7.

Approach #1: Download and Install the NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver

A direct download link is given to download HDMI audio driver for NVIDIA products. The latest version is The release date is 2009.10.01. The file size is 5.67MB.

1. Visit the following link to download.

2. Click on “Download” button.
3. Run the .exe file and it will update the NVIDIA drivers.
4. If the drivers are not there, it will install them.

This driver will support the following OS.
Windows Vista, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista 64-bit

If you are using Windows 10 or 8.1, you can use the Win 7 drivers in compatibility mode.

If this driver doesn’t work then choose the next method.

Approach #2: Update the Audio Driver via Device Manager

Do the following steps.

1. Press Win+R and type devmgmt.msc.
2. (Computer Name) > Sound, video and game controllers.

3. Find the name something like “NVIDIA High Definition Audio Device“.
4. Right-click and click on “Update Driver“.
5. There are two options

Search automatically for updated driver software
Browse my computer for driver software

6. The first option will automatically check Microsoft servers for the updated version of the NVIDIA audio driver. If the latest driver is already installed, you can check “Windows Update” to get the newest version.

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But this method is slow. It will take long time to find the driver updates. The second option is much more quick and fast.

1. Download the NVIDIA drivers from the location mentioned in the next approach. Then unzip it. Browse for the main folder path where these drivers are located. You can tick to include subfolders.

2. Otherwise, you can use the option that says “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
3. This will show some compatible audio drivers for your NVIDIA device.

4. Select the compatible hardware. In most cases, it will be “High Definition Audio Device” which is from Microsoft. Then click Next and let it complete the process.

Approach #3: Download and Install the Drivers from NVIDIA Manufacturer site

There are two ways to get the drivers for NVIDIA. You can either go the laptop or desktop manufacturer website page and download the relevant audio drivers.

But the motherboard or PC has to support the NVIDIA HD audio codecs. Otherwise, if you have a separate NVIDIA GPU card, you can download its drivers fron the NVIDIA website page itself.

Following are the steps.
1. Vist the following page.
2. There are two options.

1. Manually find drivers for my NVIDIA products.
2. Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products

3. To download manually select the first option. You have to provide the followig details.

1. Product Type
2. Product Series
3. Product
4. Operating System
5. Language
4. Then click the “Search” button.
5. On the next page, click the “Download” button.

Your drivers are downloaded.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can automatically search and install the drivers.

NVIDIA GPU Reader is a Java based applet which identifies your GPU and finds the latest graphics driver for your GPU. It verifies your system information and uses it to download the right drivers. This is the second option.

For NVIDIA Virtual GPU customers also, hd audio drivers are provided. For this, you have to login into the enterprise software download portal. You need to have a software license for it. It includes models like GRID vPC, GRID vApps or Quadro vDWS.

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There are also high definition audio drivers for beta and older devices. You can also find Unix Drivers, NVIDIA CUDA Driver for MAC, NVIDIA PhysX System Software, NVIDIA System Tools, Developer Tools and SDKs, Legacy Product Drivers and Quadro Advance Options (Nview, NVWMI, etc.).

Approach #4: Update to the latest drivers using Driver Booster

If you use a third-party tool like Driver Booster, you will get rid of the headache of finding the right drivers. Once the software is downloaded and installed, it will scan your computer and update to the latest drivers.

Follow these steps.

1. Download Driver Booster 6 and Install it.
2. Enter the license key for the Pro version.Now start the software.
3. Then click on “Scan” button.

4. It will scan your PC for different device drivers.
5. If your NVIDIA hd audio drivers are outdated, it will show in the list.
6. Select a particular product(s) and click on “Update Now” button at the top.
7. Otherwise, click the drop-down button beside a product and click on “Update“.

8. You can uninstall, rollback the installed driver, if its causing problems.
9. In addition, a system restore point is created if anything fails, as a safety check.

This is more easy, as you don’t have to manually find the correct GPU, OS, product series etc. The Pro version let’s you download more than one driver for your system.

The software has a large software database. If you are playing games, you get smooth game performance. Once the GPU drivers are updated, the performance of the hardware and gaming will go to next level.

It will shut down unnecessary background processes and Windows services and boost PC game performance.

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