You may often find to your advantage to tweak your Windows 7 Power options like display, sleep and power buttons, so that it suits your working habits and power savings mode. The display setting can be used to turn off the monitor after a pre-defined set of minutes, so that power is saved when the [...]

I was away from my Windows 7 PC(desktop) for a few minutes and the computer shut down itself, which made me look up into my Windows 7 power options to see has anything changed. Although, I couldn’t find the exact reason for this issue, this led me to write this tutorial post. Since, I’m on [...]

There must be annoying times when you boot your Windows 7, you don’t see your system icons like volume, network, power, action centre, clock etc. in your notification area (system tray). Though you may get them back again by opening System Icons from the Control Panel and changing the behaviour to On. But doing it [...]

Disclaimer: Only links to software found on the internet are provided here. If anybody has any questions/problems/doubts related to the content of this article please contact at Windows 7 Manager is an all-in-one utility that helps you tweak, optimize, tune and clean up and monitor Windows 7 with ease. You can also change startup [...]

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to prevent standard users i.e users other than administrators from shutting down or restarting the Windows computer. You can easily create a separate Group Policy object for non-administrators to successfully complete this task. This can be easily accomplished on Windows 7 PC. In order to do it, type mmc in [...]

If you’ve already used Mac OSX or iPad 2, you’re already familiar with the photobooth app, which lets you capture images from a camera device like webcam and style them with different photo effects like negative, sepia, thermal camera, X-Ray etc. But when it comes to desktop, you’re in search for such an app. For [...]

You might have seen several free tools like Logon Editor, Account Screen Editor, Screen Tweaker etc which can change the Windows 7 logon screen, each one having it’s unique features. InstantLogonChanger is another freeware app, which can change your logon screen to another image or wallpaper. The unique feature of this tool is that you [...]

If you’ve already seen the new start preview screen in Windows 8 OS, you’ve noticed the metro tiles feature. The upcoming OS, which is the next version of Windows 7, will ship with a Metro UI. It’s a tile based display information system, right on the screen. Pulmon is a great software app or tool [...]

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