If you get two golden apples in one month, how would be your reaction?  Cloud Clients for Windows Desktop have come up in the form of SkyDrive OneDrive and Google Drive. You must be already knowing that Microsoft provides online storage in the form of OneDrive to every Windows Live user account holder. Same goes with Google. You can […]

With Windows 8 come some default Microsoft apps. People app is so connected to Windows Messenger Contacts, that its so easy to manage them with just a click or tap. Mail and Messaging are powered by People’s contact list, which reiterates that you can connect your app with other apps. The initial contacts imported to […]

The Windows 8 stalemate is over and you can read this review of reviews, on what the big websites have to say on Windows 8 release. Already 4 million copies of Windows 8 upgrade have been sold since the release date of October-26th. But since this new version is powered towards tablet and mobile devices, […]

After reading the reviews on Windows 8 you might have bought a new software pack of Windows 8 or Pro. You either have a download copy or have a physical media. Now you are ready to install Windows 8. Or you want to upgrade from Windows 7. The whole process of installation will take around […]

The Windows 8 event is over and the drum-roll has begun! Soon on Friday everybody will be rushing to get their copy of genuine Windows 8. After comparing different Windows 8 versions, you are sure to get an idea on what is right for you! But the important link is missing! Where to buy Windows […]

The prelude to Windows 8 hype is over! Microsoft formally launched its Windows 8 operating system on Thursday with glitter and glare. The event was well publicized all around the world with live web cast. The event featured Redmond’s representatives like chief executive Steve Ballmer, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, Windows program management chief Julie Larson-Green […]

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