The Windows 8 event is over and the drum-roll has begun! Soon on Friday everybody will be rushing to get their copy of genuine Windows 8. After comparing different Windows 8 versions, you are sure to get an idea on what is right for you! But the important link is missing! Where to buy Windows […]

The prelude to Windows 8 hype is over! Microsoft formally launched its Windows 8 operating system on Thursday with glitter and glare. The event was well publicized all around the world with live web cast. The event featured Redmond’s representatives like chief executive Steve Ballmer, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, Windows program management chief Julie Larson-Green […]

We have already seen Windows 8 upgrade for 15 dollars and here comes another best offer from Microsoft. What’s the deal! If you buy Office 2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac between October 19, 2012, and April 30, 2013, you are entitled for a free office 2013 upgrade. How do you Get It? The […]

Recently Windows Live Essentials had a new update. I was curious to know whether there are any changes in Windows Live Mail 2012 settings. Luckily, I didn’t find much changes. Earlier I wrote about, setting up email with Windows Live Mail 2012. Setting up Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts is more tedious when compared […]

Wrench Icon in Google Chrome is gone! Did you notice it! The default way of changing settings and accessing extensions was using the wrench icon in Chrome browser. It used to be present on the far right hand side to the address bar. Now it’s been replaced with 3 lines stacked upon each other which is […]

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