Sometimes, it’s unthinkable to imaging life without remotes. Just think about watching TV or controlling the controls of your DVD player without remote. Now we even have remote controls for switching electrical devices in one’s home. Then why not extend this functionality to PowerPoint presentation using Windows Phone 8 as your remote! The basic functions […]

Files and Folders are the basic entities of any OS. With Windows, you can find them in your Windows Explorer. In Wndows 8, this has been renamed as File Explorer. One common issue regarding performance is Memory Storage management. So, if you are having small hard-disk capacity, it becomes much more important to reduce redundant […]

Gmail is an all-in-one email service with many options and features. The filter function is useful if you want to prevent clutter of emails filling your inbox. Normally this is resourceful to label certain messages from a sender or to a receipient. But today we are going to use the same concept to auto-delete emails […]

With Windows 8 comes cloud computing more close to the Microsoft user. SkyDrive has brought more features in this perspective and made external storage syncing more useful using Windows Briefcase. This concept is advantageous in scenarios when you want to sync folders on one computer with another computer. But its not by default that the […]

Is you computer failing to recover after a Windows 8 Sleep crash? The main reason can be incompatible drivers. So uninstalling and re-installing the drivers in many cases can solve this problem. In one case, a user upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro. Every time his computer goes to sleep mode, it […]

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