Rumors about Windows 8 Release Date and Server 8

Rumors about Windows 8 Release date

Have you still not downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview ? It’s time you tested it out and know yourself the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8. There are many Windows 8 rumors about the release date, what will the Release Candidate (RC) be called, when will the Windows 8 devices hit the market, rumors about Nokia Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone 8 rumors, Windows 8 tablet etc. If you want to know all these rumors and check yourself whether they’ve become reality read along with me.

How many versions of Windows 8 will be there ?

According to , there are lot of rumors on the number of versions of Windows 8. It’s widely speculated from an important source (  that Windows 8 Pro will be known as Windows Pro Pack. The last post from the same source says that there are possible country-specific versions, particularly for China, which may be priced cheaply in order to curb piracy.

Microsoft is also offering its Online Backup Service for Windows Server 8 via its Azure Cloud storage service, which is open to beta testers who are willing to give company feedback, and accept they only get 10 GB of space.  The beta testers can access the cloud storage by installing an Online Backup Agent on Windows Server 8 and downloading backed up data to any server of their choice.


Windows 8 Release Preview is expected to come out on May 29th.  Many people who have tried out Windows 8 on touch devices are complaining about its balkiness and insensitivity to finger swipes. According to Microsoft blog post, Windows 8 touch has been primarily written for machines built with Windows 8 specifications.

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According to, Windows 8 release date is rumored to be likely between end of May and June.  There is also a rumor that Windows 8 RC will come up with a few changes from the current Consumer Preview (Beta) as feedback about the beta is incorporated into the Released Candidate.

The rumors of Windows 8 release are well-founded on the release dates of Windows 7. It’s beta version was released in Jan 2009, followed by the RC in May 2009, and final version in October in the same year.  Now if Windows 8 follows a similar timing ( since Consumer Preview is released in Feb) and recent rumors say that Windows 8 final version release date will be in October, we’re near to the release of the RC version.

In the next post, you’ll know about the Windows 8 Phone, tablets etc. Just wait for the rumor!

Let us know or comment about any other rumors you’ve heard about Windows 8.

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