Valentine’s day is coming near. With Windows Phone 8 release, there are several apps in the Windows Store that suit lover’s day. But before we dive into the top 10, here is a brief overview of Windows Phone 8 and its history. This mobile phone is the second generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system from Microsoft.

Since its release on October 29th, 2012, it made a buzz in the smart-phone industry. Nokia has tied up with Microsoft to release its mobile phones with Windows Phone OS as default.

Perfect Date Pro : If you are in Love and ready for the Valentine’s day, then this app can help you a lot. This app basically gives you ideas for your date. It doesn’t end there. It also has numerous important tips on how to attract a date and of course the do’s and don’ts of dating.


This app is a PAID version which costs $0.99.  The latest version is and the download is < 1 MB.

Love Expressions : This app can be useful on a Valentine’s day if you miss your loved one.  It is useful to express love, care & affection to the one you love. Muffin’sLabs offers an awesome application to design and send Valentine Greetings to the one you love.

Love Expressions

The app costs $0.99 and the download size is 21 MB. It works on both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5.

Valentine Cards : For the Feb 14th celebrations, it is quite likely that you will be sending greeting cards to your loved ones. Using this app, you can make the right type of greeting card which can be custom designed to suit your needs.


This is a PAID app and costs you $1.99. This app works on both Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

Love Calculator : This is a fancy app which can be useful to calculate the percentage of love between two lovers based on first and last name of the couple. You need to shake the phone to know the results.


This is a FREE install and the download size is 1 MB. This app works on Windows Phone 8, 7.5 and 7.

Fandango : You will really like this app, if you are a movie freak. This is the No. 1 movie ticketing app and winner of 3 Webby Awards. Using this app, you can download movie times and tickets.


The latest version is and in this version, the following changes have been made.

  • “Pin” ticket confirmation to your home screen without launching the app
  • Receive a notification thirty minutes prior to showtime
  • Usability enhancements and general bug fixes

The app download size is 1 MB and is FREE to install.

101 Love Msgs : This is another Valentine based app. You can send sweet message to your loved ones. You can pick a random message using the spin button.


It’s FREE to install and has more than 800+ reviews on its app store page.

UrbanSpoon : Using this app, you can discover the hottest restaurants, chef  favorites and critic picks. Also depending upon your taste, you can create your own “My Urbanspoon” profile and share your reviews, pictures, and city guides. You can also add your restaurants to your wishlist.

The UrbanSpoon database consists of over 800,000 restaurants. This helps you find the best restaurant in your city or while on the road.

Windows Phone 8 App - Urbanspoon

Love Text : Sometimes partners in love may be in fight and you need some kind of text to soothen each other. This app aptly named Love Text can help you send a love poem to anyone you want. With Love Text you can send love poems, family poems, friends poems, life poems to anyone in your contacts.

Love Text - Windows Phone App for Valentine's Day

The app download is approximately 4 MB and is FREE.

Love Tieba : If you don’t know what is Tieba, then you are non- Chinese. Tieba is  one of the largest forums in China. The app is a Tieba client mainly for Lumia800 Bar users. If the app cannot be launched, please try reinstalling.


The main features of this app is that it supports offline reading, painting by fingers, uploading of many pictures in one post, full screen and night modes and you can also modify the person info.

The app download size is 11 MB and is FREE to install. It works both on Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

Test Of Love :  This is another FREE app, using which you can test your love. It will answer many questions like ,

Does he loves you? Or hates… Does she loves him? Or hates… Does he loves her? Or hates… Does she loves you? Or hates… Do you love him? Or hate… Do you love her? Or hate…


The download size < 1 MB and the latest version is

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I really didn’t try any of these apps as I don’t have a smartphone. But from their description I really find these apps very lovable and will be a definite Valentine’s choice for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Above all, you should test these apps using the new Windows 8 OS which is more tablet and mobile friendly.

Please let me know your views on these apps in the comments section. This will help other readers to rate the apps using the GD Star rating below the Author description.

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