With the phase out of Hotmail and quiet launch of Outlook.com on Feb 19th, 2013, it has been kind of  frustrating experience for Microsoft email users. If you observe the reviews on the internet, many didn’t like Outlook.com and want to remove it and go back to Hotmail.com.

But Microsoft boasts that 60 million users are actively using Outlook.com. Should we think this as a marketing strategy or forcible usage of monotony to make it’s users accept it’s web service, only Microsoft loyal users can answer!

But since we are forced to use Outlook.com as the default mail service and we don’t want to loose our earlier mails in Hotmail, we need to know how to import Outlook.com mail into other mail clients. For this, we need Outlook.com POP3 settings.

Incoming settings:
username: emailaddress @ outlook . com
password: your password
pop3 server: pop3.live.com
port: 995
security type: SSL/TLS
Delete email from server: never

Outgoing Settings:
SMTP Server: smtp.live.com
Port: 587
Security Type: STARTTLS
Require Sign-in: YES
Username: same as username above
Password: same as above

According to the user reviews on this Live forum, the above settings work for both smartphones and personal computers. One user confirmed that it worked on his Android Phone and should work anywhere.

Another user used different POP3 settings to import mail from Outlook.com on his Exchange account.

username was: emailaddress @ outlook . com
password: your password
server: blu-m.hotmail.com (i think i had actually put in m.hotmail.com, and it changed automatically to this)
using: SSL

These settings were confirmed to work on even Android 4.1. As you can observe the username is backslash + your full Outlook.com email address. (including @outlook.com).

It also worked on Windows Live Mail 2009. But if you are using Eudora client, you need to make some more changes to the earlier POP3 settings.

SSL for POP: Required (Alternate Port)
SSL for SMTP: Optional (TLS)

If you are using Mail on OS X or iOS, the following are the guidelines.

  1. Add account in preferences and enter e-mail, name and password as usual.
  2. Open the outlook.com tab of Accounts in the preferences window
  3. Incoming mail server should already be set to pop3.live.com
  4. User name is *youraddress*@outlook.com (as opposed to just *youraddress*)
  5. Click for the drop down menu of Outgoing Mail server and click edit SMTP server list
  6. Click on outlook.com and enter the server name smtp.live.com
  7. Click on the Advanced tab and select use custom port and enter 587 (though it should work anyway as it is a default port)
  8. Set Authentication to Password and enter your username (remember the @outlook.com after your address) and password then click OK
  9. Set TLS Certificate to None
  10. Click on the Advanced tab and make sure the “Include when automatically checking for new messages” box is checked
  11. Make sure the Port is set to 995 and the Use SSL box is checked
  12. If it isn’t already set Authentication to Password.

This worked in OS X and should work for iOS smartphones also. If you are using iPhone 4S, the following are the steps to import Outlook.com mail using POP3 settings.

  1. Tap Settings, then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
  2. Tap Add Account in the Accounts page.
  3. Tap Hotmail.
  4. Enter your full Hotmail email address and password. In the Description field, enter a name so you can identify this account when you check your email (for example, “Hotmail”).
  5. Enter your Outlook email and password to your iPhone
  6. Select the fields that you want to sync (they should say ON if you want them to sync). Tap Save.

Outlook.com POP3 settings

The above POP3 settings for Outlook.com also worked for Android Connect Tablet with ICS 4.03. If you are using Android Native Email app, you need to make slight modification.

security type: STARTTLS (accept all certificate) it had both the options.

However, if you are using MS Outlook mail client, you need to install and use the Outlook Hotmail connector which will appear as a MAPI option when you add an new account. Add your Microsoft Account or Windows Live credentials and it will sync with your Outlook. The download link for the connector is below.

Download Outlook Hotmail Connector

Also if you want a complete tutorial on adding your Outlook.com or Hotmail accounts in Outlook client, you may refer this article.

How To add Outlook.com to Outlook Mail client.

Happy Surfing!

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