Truecaller is one of the most popular call identification apps available today. With over 500 million users globally, Truecaller helps identify unknown callers and block spammers. But did you know Truecaller also offers an incognito mode to make your caller ID anonymous?

In this guide, we’ll explain what incognito mode is, the disadvantages of using Truecaller normally, and step-by-step instructions to activate and use incognito mode on both Android and iOS devices.

What is Incognito Mode on Truecaller?

Truecaller’s incognito mode allows you to make calls and SMS without revealing your identity or phone number to the receiver. If you want to view anybody’s profile anonymously then this option is useful. It is available with Truecaller Premium subscription.

In the normal settings, you won’t find this option. When you tap the Premium icon at the bottom of the app, you can see all the features. In that you can find the Incognito mode. Tap on it.

Two options will be visible.

  1. Search profiles privately – Do not inform others when I search their profile.
  2. View profiles privately – Do not inform others when I view their profile.

To work in Incognito mode, you can enable both of them.

On the reverse case, if somebody watched your profile, you can know who did it. You can also make sure that a request is placed before they view your profile. There are lot of privacy options that ensure you get premium benefits.

If are you in the middle of a call and somebody calls you, you can show others that you are busy. Minimum of 3G/Wi-Fi is needed and also works in silent mode. View profiles privately option can be enabled, so the other person is not informed that you saw their profile.

Even you search profiles privately, so that TrueCaller does not inform others when you search their profile. In most cases search is done to find unknown numbers information. Also, spammers info can be know without telling them that you searched for them.

Allow Truecaller to analyse your call patterns to improve spam detection and provide additional information on incoming calls.

Incognito mode is useful when you want to:

  • Maintain privacy and hide your caller ID
  • Avoid spam calls/texts from people finding your number
  • Prank call friends without revealing yourself
  • Separate personal and professional calls

However, there are some disadvantages to regularly using Truecaller which incognito mode helps mitigate.

Disadvantages of Using Truecaller Normally

While Truecaller is helpful for identifying unknown callers, using it normally has some downsides:

  • Privacy Invasion – Your name and number are revealed to everyone you call or text, even strangers. This raises privacy concerns.
  • Spam Risk – Spammers can scrape your number from Truecaller’s database and target you with unwanted calls/texts.
  • No Anonymity – You can’t make anonymous calls for personal or professional reasons without your ID being shown.
  • Harassment – Toxic people you want to avoid can see your name/number and repeatedly contact or harass you.

Incognito mode solves these issues by hiding your caller ID temporarily. But it’s important to enable it correctly on Android and iOS devices.

How to Activate Incognito Mode on Android

Enabling incognito mode on Truecaller for Android is simple:

In general Incognito mode is where you have the best of privacy and features of your Truecaller. With spam protection in Premium subscription, you can block telemarketers. But for privacy sake, you can view profile privately and block users to view your profile.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1: Open Truecaller App

Open the Truecaller app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Go to Menu

Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner. Open Settings.

Step 3: Tap on Privacy Center

Turn on the following options.
View profiles privately
Search profiles privately
Allow Truecaller to analyse call patterns.

Step 4: Toggle On

Toggle the switch for Who can see my Truecaller profile. Two options are available.
All Truecaller users.
Requests approved by me.

How to Go Incognito on Truecaller for iPhone

iPhone users can also hide their caller ID with Truecaller’s incognito mode using these easy steps:

Step 1: Open Truecaller

Launch the Truecaller app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Profile

Tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Select Incognito

Select the same options as above on Android. The interface may be little different.

Step 4: Slide to Enable

Slide the toggle for incognito mode to the right to enable it.

Step 5: Confirm Selection

Tap “Turn On” to confirm.

That’s all it takes! You can now make anonymous calls and texts without revealing your Truecaller ID on iPhone.

To turn off incognito mode, just repeat the steps and toggle the switch off.

What Does Incognito Mode Do on Your Phone?

In 2023, this mode is no longer available directly. But in earlier versions of Truecaller, you may find it. Also, the Gold subscription could have these benefits. When you activate incognito mode in Truecaller and make a call or send a text, here is what happens:

  • Your name and number will not be visible to the receiver. They will only see “Unknown” or “Hidden Number”.
  • Truecaller will not add the incognito call/text to your call history. There will be no record in the app.
  • If the recipient has Truecaller installed, they will not be able to identify you by looking up your number in the app.
  • You will be able to receive incoming calls normally even while incognito mode is on.
  • The receiver will not be able to call or text you back unless they already have your number saved in their phonebook.
  • Normal Truecaller features like spam protection still work for incoming calls/texts.

So in summary, incognito mode hides YOUR identity temporarily while making outgoing calls and texts. But you can still receive incoming communications normally without revealing your caller ID.

Remember to Use Responsibly!

While incognito mode is useful, remember to use it responsibly and ethically. Do not misuse it for malicious pranks, spam calls, harassment or illegal activities. Be a good digital citizen.

We hope this simple guide helps you maintain privacy and anonymity with Truecaller when required. Just follow the instructions to go incognito on Android or iPhone. Hide your caller ID and call fearlessly!

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