The advantages of Truecaller Premium include spam protection and caller id. It identifies who is calling you.

The app is helpful to block telemarketers, spam calls, international numbers, identify fraudulent people using settings.

You can make it your default dialer and SMS.

Truecaller Premium Features are call recording, who viewed your profile, getting rid of ads, 30 private contact requests/month, badge in the Premium version.

truecaller plans india

Enable spam protection for your message. It will put all your unnecessary message in a separate folder.

The premium badge Truecaller signals the calling user that you are a verified caller.

Just like any other Android apps, this also asks for specific permissions. You can grant them safely.

Incognito mode and Contact requests are Truecaller premium benefits.

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Instead of the phone dialer and SMS service, use this app.

Otherwise, Truecaller will overlap over your default dialer and SMS. It is a little bit irritating as you see two interfaces on the same screen.

In this post, we are going to see Truecaller Premium features only available to subscribers. 

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Warning: Do not download APK files or MODs from unknown sources, as they may leak confidential information. Also, your phone is likely to be damaged from a software or hardware point of view

truecaller premium features

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The above video will show the real-time experience of Truecaller Premium features. In this screen recording you can see ads are not there, call recording, privacy options, premium badge and other features. Please leave a up vote if you like it. 

How to Remove Truecaller Ads

You can stop ads in the premium version. Once you subscribe to the Premium plan, you are automatically blocked from truecaller ads. It is very annoying to see ads at the bottom and in-between call logs when you use the free app. It will make sure that you concentrate on your actual work and avoid distraction.

get rid of ads in truecaller premium 1

Call Recording

It is the best premium feature of Truecaller, added in 2018. The recording feature is NOT there in some versions of Android. In that case, this feature helps you.


You might need to replay a vital conversation you had with an office colleague regarding business purpose. To recollect the main points on the telephonic call you had, you can record your call using Truecaller.

This feature also gives you protection against harsh people who try to “bad mouth” you. It can become proof in the court of law for online thefts or fraudulent activities.

Recording feature in Truecaller Premiumtruecaller premium recording

Who Viewed Your Profile

Though Truecaller does not store any identity data, it works as a caller identification app.

If some friend or business executive checks your profile to find your number or identity, then you can use this feature.

It gives euphoria to know that your dearest friends have checked on your number and are trying to contact you.

On the other side, if you find that some “unknown” person has viewed your profile, you can take preventive measures to stop that person from calling you.

truecaller premium who viewed my profile

Verified Business Caller Id

To protect you from scams and frauds, Truecaller verifies calls from participating businesses. For example, if somebody calls from an International or National Bank, its related name will display.

If this feature is misused, the blocking part will automatically put them in spam. You can block those spam calls in extraordinary cases and report them to Truecaller to enhance their security protection program.

Increase your Profile Visibility

One of the additional Truecaller Premium features is that your profile visibility will be discovered by other users more profoundly.

If you are a business contact, this improves your search. Also, when trying to contact new people, you can easily find this extra finding feature.

View Profile in Private Mode

You want to know your girlfriend’s number, but you don’t want her to know that you have viewed their profile.

It is just for privacy purpose. It should not be misused.

Otherwise, you want some phone number of an unknown person for business calls, but you want to keep that a secret.

In that case, this feature helps your identity from others.

Private Mode and Privacy Settings in Truecaller Premium

Get the Premium Badge

As we know, that an official symbol on your profile can help others recognize you as a particular person.

You will get a premium badge when you subscribe to this option.

It makes your identification unique and reliable.

People searching you on Truecaller will notice this badge and be interested in contacting you as a genuine person.

truecaller premium badge

Truecaller Contact Request – 30/month

It is helpful if you want to find the phone number of some “unknown” or “personal friend” who has restricted access to his Truecaller profile.

You have a forgotten friend in your childhood, but you would like to contact him.

If you search, you are likely to get his name.

But you may hide your email address and phone number from public access.

In that case, you can make a contact request through Truecaller, asking him for his details.

truecaller premium request contact details

Powerful Blocking features

Using the advanced locking mechanism, you get access to the following features –

1. Auto-update top spammers.
2. Extended top spammer list
3. Block registered Indian telemarketers. (as I’m living in India).

Block Feature

You can set the auto-update to on. It will make sure that you get an updated list of the most reported spam calls near you. It will make sure that you are spam-protected even when you are offline. Update the spam list, keeps your privacy safe.

truecaller premium blocking features

Extended top spammer list – Enabling this option will auto block even more spammers.

Block 140 series telemarketers – This will block registered Indian telemarketers.

Top spammers Block – Protect yourself from receiving calls and messages from unknown numbers and most reported numbers.

Block hidden numbers – Sometimes, numbers are “unknown” or “private”. These can be dangerous as they can use spoofing methods to collect financial information from you. You can block these numbers.

Block numbers from foreign countries – You may receive international calls from spammers luring you into lottery type of scams. Truecaller Premium has the option to block these kinds of fake calls.

Block numbers, not in the phonebook – You prefer to get calls only from people in your contact list. It is 100% proof to protect yourself from “unknown” spammers. It makes sure that marketing calls are blocked automatically.

Notification for blocked calls – You will receive a piece of news when a call is blocked. It is beneficial when an old friend calls you, but he is not on your contact list.

Notification for blocked messages – This feature gives notice when your SMS messages are blocked. You can make sure whether they are authentic, like OTP codes from banks or just spam messages.

Other Features

Some of the below features are also available in the free version. You can get to know local services like emergency numbers, airlines, Indian railway, banks, hotel, insurance etc.

truecaller location services

You can make use of the Truecaller Payments option. It will help recharge mobile numbers, bill payment of electricity, gas, water, broadband, and apps like redbus, ola, flights etc.

truecaller payment options

In India, you can add the UPI method of payment using the UPI tab. You can add beneficiaries and make payments using your UPI id. Scan QR code feature is also available.

truecaller upi feature

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