Do you hear the “ding” sound too many times on a scheduled basis? Many app notifications in the night, that you want to put your phone to sleep. Want to save battery life, when the Android 12 phone is not in use?

There are several cases when you want to schedule power on/off Android 12. In that way you are not disturbed by any calls, while you are sleeping or at work. Meetings are another area where you want to schedule your android mobile on/off.

For example, if you are getting too many notifications in the night, then you want to shut down your android mobile.

But you want to see them in the morning. So you want to set a time when your Android mobile goes off and wakes up again at a scheduled time.

schedule power on off android 12

Android 12 is the new version of the Google mobile operating system. It has a built-in feature to schedule power on/off for all the above cases. In this tutorial we are going to see how to do it.

How to Schedule Power On/Off Android 12 in 2023?

android 12 settings

The way to reach this setting has changed in the new Android version. I’m taking the example of the Xiaomi POCO M4 Pro to demonstrate the navigation.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Tap on Battery.

schedule power settings android 12

On the screen there are two settings – 1. Battery Saver and 2. Battery.

Tap on Schedule power on/off.

schedule power on off android 12

Schedule power on/off is available on this screen. Tap on it.

Schedule Power On

The following things can be set.
Power on time – Turn ON
Power on time – Set the time at which you want to wake up the phone.
Repeat – Set this for everyday or specific days.

Schedule Power Off

Similar features are available for Schedule power off.
Power off time – Turn ON
Power off time

From next time onwards, your Android 12 mobile will turn off at the time you set in the power off feature. It will wake up again at the scheduled time.

Happy Battery saving!.

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