To repair Outlook PST files there are a plethora of tools in the market. We need just one tool that can bring back our email box in Outlook 2016. I recently tried the Remo Repair Outlook PST tool to do the same.

When files get corrupt, it applies to the PST file also. It has a physical location on the harddrive. You can always see its location using the Accounts section of Outlook client. The recent versions are using a different format compared to the PST of 2013 version.

The Outlook data file (PST) has several uses. It can be used to backup or export from different email accounts. Each individual user maintains a different email profile for office and personal use. When you want to club both of them, you need a common PST file.

Another use of PST file is that you can import email messages, calendar, and contact and task data from a different account PST file. Though the new format of Outlook data file (OST) has come into existence, the old archive still has its uses.

Many people still use Office 2016 as it has many advantages. There is no new learning curve with the latest Office versions. In this Remo Repair Outlook Review, we are going to see the complete details of its working.

Installation and Activation – Outlook 2021 PST Repair Tool

  1. You need to download the demo or trial version from its home page.
  2. While installing make sure all the Office applications are closed.
  3. Otherwise you may get an error.
  4. To activate the product in 2022, you need the Remo One Licensing tool.

Enter the product key and it works for the time period you have purchased the license.

How to Use Remo Repair Outlook [PST]?

  1. Click the Repair PST file icon.
  2. Three options are available.
  3.             Default PST file
  4.             Manual PST file
  5.             Find Multiple PST files
outlook 2021 pst repair scan
  1. Select the required PST file and click on Next.
  2. Select the appropriate scanning method.
  3. Choose the destination where the repaired PST file will be kept.
  4. Click on Repair.

Then after restoration you can load the new PST file.

How to Fix Outlook 2016 Errors?

Though Microsoft Office 365 has replaced the old Office versions, Outlook 2016 still has its uses. For example, while connecting to Microsoft Exchange. The server or center version may be having Office 365 and clients are still on Windows 7.

If the email items or calendar are not in sync on both customer and vendor, several error codes like 0x80070005-0x0004dc-0x000524 are possible. The Office Manager wants to create a calendar entry on her Office 365 Outlook, but the message is not delivered to the team. The client can have Send and receive error in Outlook 2016 items.

Use Cached Exchange mode in Office 365 needs to be unchecked for such kinds of errors. You can go to the Account options of 2016. Creating a New Outlook profile can also solve such error codes. For such a reason, you need to have the old Outlook Data file.

How Outlook PST Repair Tool helps in Send and Receive Errors?

You also need to add the correct Send as permissions inside the Office 365 web interface and correct the error using Powershell. Then you can send email messages to the recipients without problems.

Remo Repair Outlook can fix the errors in the PST file if they are corrupt. Then you can import all the email items, attachments, calendar invites to a new profile.

Another advantage is the type of scan used – Normal and Smart.

Some simple data items can corrupt a PST file. In such minor cases, a normal scan is sufficient to get back the original file using Linear yet advanced PST restoration method.

In case of ransomware and viruses, PST files are strongly corrupted and need advanced techniques to get back. In such cases the Smart Scan does extremely advanced recovery. These include deleted email, contacts, calendar items etc.


In most cases personal users will use a single PST file to store their email accounts. But I would advise having different PST files for each account. In case of any error of a single PST file that can be fixed by a repair tool like Remo software.

The other accounts remain unaffected. But for small and medium enterprise users, lot of member email accounts are common in a company. In such cases, many PST files can get corrupted. But Remo software does the magic of selecting multiple PST files at once and repairing them in one-go.

Author – Tony Landry

Tony Landry is the guy you would want to run into when you are facing any issues with Outlook. Apart from his work at Remo Software as a Web Content Editor, Tony is an enthusiastic individual who likes to address latest technological shifts. His area of expertise usually revolves around areas like Windows, Outlook or with any storage devices. Look him up in social media to not miss his take on current happening tech.

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