After the recent Windows 10 update of 21H1, some users complained that their Bluetooth devices stopped working.

I was also one of the troubled guys who faced this issue. Common solutions to fix the issue were not useful.

I used Windows default troubleshooter to see the Bluetooth option under Settings > Devices.

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But that option disappeared.

bluetooth stopped working windows 10

Bluetooth is not available on this device in Windows 10

Somebody in the Microsoft forum suggested turning off the “fast start-up” in the power management setting of the Control Panel.

Then they asked to shut down the computer and start it again.

This solution also didn’t work. I also wasted considerable time.

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bluetooth not connecting windows 10
windows 10 bluetooth stopped working

Windows 10 Update Bluetooth Not Working

Then I found another blog topic where it fixed my issue. I successfully saw the Bluetooth option in Settings and connected Bluetooth speakers without any hindrance.

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The culprit was that the Bluetooth drivers were not up-to-date. If you find the Bluetooth device in device manager it means recognized by Windows 10.

The driver update using CCleaner helped me to update Bluetooth driver.

Select Start and find Settings (gear icon). Under Devices > Bluetooth & other devices you should see the option. If not there is some issue with Bluetooth driver.

Initial Steps

  1. Make sure Bluetooth button turned on your laptop or pc.
  2. Generally, old PCs don’t have in-built Bluetooth. Then you need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter.
  3. Plug it in into one of the USB slots and make sure the indicator is glowing or working.

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How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working after Windows Update

  1. Purchase the premium version of CCleaner. Sometimes, you get a free trial option of its driver updater on some computers.
bluetooth driver not working windows 10
  1. The latest version is 5.83.9050 as of Aug 2021.
  2. Update the Bluetooth drivers of your Bluetooth adapter on your laptop or pc.
  3. It could be an in-built or external one.
  4. Search for “Bluetooth” in the search bar of Windows 10.
  5. Click on “Find and fix problems with Bluetooth devices”.
windows 10 bluetooth troubleshooting
  1. It is the common troubleshooter for Bluetooth problems in Windows 10.
  2. Let it run and fix any errors automatically.

That’s it! Your Bluetooth option should be available in Settings again.


My old Bluetooth adapter release date was 2006 and updated to the new version of 2013.

CCleaner is very good about finding the older device drivers and updating them to the new ones.

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