Windows 10 is almost 4 years old. 1903 version is also released. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the necessary functions. Whether you use desktop or mobile.

The days of wire are more like “Star Trek“. You can have various devices working on Bluetooth. You can get connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi. But that’s not with hardware.

Some of the devices which you can use with Windows 10 are –

  • Bluetooth Audio Device
  • Bluetooth Hard Copy Cable Replacement Server
  • Bluetooth AVRCP Device
  • Bluetooth HID Device
  • Virtual Bluetooth Support
  • Bluetooth LWFLT Device

So if your bluetooth is not working on Windows 10, all these devices will be on hold. The only thing that can rescue is to find a fix, to make Windows 10 identify the right bluetooth drivers.

Scenario #1

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You are having a Windows 10 mobile and want to send files to your PC over Bluetooth. Though you may have “ShareIt” or any other app to send files, sometimes it becomes necessary to send files over Bluetooth. This can happen in several cases like your PC OS and mobile OS don’t support the same protocol for sending files using apps.

The above devices can be flagged sometimes for incompatibility on your Windows 10 PC, according to the “Get Windows 10 app“.


In that case, Bluetooth feature should be working on both PC and smartphone. The Microsoft MTP (Media feature Pack) may not be present on your Windows 10 PC. This will prevent your desktop/laptop from recognizing your mobile. Then you can install those drivers from this location. /en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48231

Most of the times, this will fix the Bluetooth incompatibility between PC and mobile.

Scenario #2


You may have a chipset like Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 which is a Bluetooth device. For it to work properly you need to have Windows 10 compatible drivers. In Win 7 and 8.1, you might not have had any problems, as they are already released.

But even in Feb, 2016 you still may not find the right drivers for your 32 bit or 64 bit OS.

Windows 10 bluetooth not working


In that case, you can grab the Windows 8.1 drivers. This should normally work for the 10 version also. If you are using 32 bit Win 10 OS, you can download the INF file for 8.1 32 bit and the same thing holds good for 64 bit also.

Normally, these are downloaded in the form of ZIP file. You can unzip using “WinRaR” or any other software. Since these files don’t come with an installer, it is better to install them through “Device Manager”. You can go to the AR3012 bluetooth adapters and update the current driver by using the “Browse” button and selecting the ZIP file.

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