In 2020, wireless casting has become the choice of many mobile users. You can watch movies from android phone to tv without hdmi.

This can be done in Redmi and Xiaomi phones with ease.

As an example, we are going to take Redmi Note 4 and Sanyo Smart TV to show the steps. The latest version is MIUI 11.

There are both positives and negatives of not using HDMI to connect your phone to tv.

When you use wireless method, there may be screen blur or disturbance in the picture. This can happen for many reasons.

Many of the times we use a “router” to connect your mobile to tv without hdmi.

If the wi-fi signal is weak, then we cannot watch the movie with regular clarity. Also, you are limited by distance using the wireless method.

On the other hand, HDMI offers better quality of picture and sound. But the price of long distance hdmi cable is also high.

This can prevent many tv users to adopt wireless connection as the medium of movie watching.

Most of the times, your tv should be “smart” to accept your wireless signal.

There are other methods to watch tv without using hdmi. But using “Smart TV” is one of the easiest method to watch movies from mobile.

The following tutorial will show how to watch movies from android phone to tv without hdmi.

Method #1: Using Wireless Method

  1. Switch on your “Smart TV”.
  2. Open “Network Settings” of your TV.
  3. Click on “Wireless access point” and enter your Wi-Fi password. (Note: This can be done using “menu” button on your tv remote).
  4. Enable “Wireless Display” access. (Note: This can be done using the “gear” icon on your remote).
  5. Open your Android phone.
  6. Pull down the menu.
  7. Tap on “Cast”. (Note: Otherwise, you can tap on “Settings” > More > Cast)
  8. Then toggle the switch “Cast screen contents to an external monitor” to ON.
  9. This should turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone to use Wireless Display.
  10. Tap on “Turn on”.
  11. It will take a few seconds for your “smart tv” to be visible in the listed devices.
  12. Tap on your required “Smart TV” device.
  13. Your mobile screen should mirror on your TV.
  14. Open your favorite file manager in the phone and click any movie.
  15. It should start playing on your mobile and tv at the same time.

This method is useful to mirror Amazon Prime kind of movies from your Android mobile to TV.

You can make use of the wireless adapter (in-built into the tv, most of the times) to cast your mobile screen to tv. But Hotstar will not allow to use this method.

Method #2: Using USB

This can be done with the help of an USB port and cable.

Instead of using HDMI to connect your mobile to tv, you can copy your movie files to a pen drive.

This can be done directly using OTG kind of USB device. Otherwise, you can take help of pc or laptop to copy movie files from mobile to USB device like pen-drive.

  1. Your TV should support USB port.
  2. Connect the USB adapter to this port.
  3. Then plug-in the pen-drive.
  4. Now press the “Input” option on the remote.
  5. USB option should be highlighted.
  6. Press it.
  7. Then your movie files should be visible.
  8. If your TV supports that format, then it should play the movie.

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