Windows 10 System Settings explained with YouTube videos

In Windows 7 and earlier versions, whenever you need to change any setting you had to use Control Panel. This has changed in 8.1 with PC Settings.

But that didn’t go well with loyal users of Windows. So Microsoft made some drastic changes in Windows 10 after Satya Nadella took over.

One of the major changes is Windows Settings. This is to replace the conventional way of using PC Control Panel. The interface is more aesthetic and the options available also have good explanation.

Out of the different settings, the first one is the System Setting. Under that there are several sub-options. This series of YouTube videos shows each option available under System setting. Each option is available on the left hand side. These are –

  • Display
  • Sound
  • Notifications & Actions
  • Focus assist
  • Power & sleep
  • Storage
  • Tablet mode
  • Multitasking
  • Projecting to this PC
  • Shared experiences
  • Remote Desktop
  • About

For each option, there are several sub-options which are given on the right-hand side. Windows gives an explanation of each sub-option in detail. But some of them reflect the new features included in Windows 10, which are not available in Control Panel.

1. How to Access Windows Settings in Windows 10 ? [YouTube Video]

This video is of 83 secs duration. You get to know, how to get to Windows Settings from Start Menu. This also explains the significance of the new tool. It is more convenient then Windows 8.1 to access different settings at one place.

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2. What are the different options available under Windows 10 System Setting? [ YouTube Video ]

This video briefly explains the list of options available under the System setting. This is first item available under Windows Settings. As explained earlier, all the options available under it can be seen in this video. This is of 36 secs duration.

3. What are the different Display options available under System Setting?

This is the first option available under System setting. The main things available are Night light setting, Scale and layout, Resolution and multiple displays. Color setting is new to Windows 10.

From comfort point of view, it is better to have bright monitor screen light in the morning. But when you are working on your PC in the night, the same amount of light can strain your eyes. Previously with Windows 7 and 8.1, we used have different software applications which reduce the amount of brightness after dusk.

In Windows 10, this has been made an in-built feature. The color gradient will automatically change based upon your settings after a particular time. This will reduce the amount of screen glaze in the dark.

Similarly you can set the kind of resolution like 1920 x 1080 based upon the size of your monitor. If you have more than one display, like CRT, Smart TV, LCD etc, all of them are detected here.

This video is of 4 min and 33 secs duration.

4. Sound Options available under System Setting in Windows 10

You can control your audio devices here. The output device like speaker and input device like microphone can be changed here. If you have multiple number of sources, you can select the right one here.

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One can set the audio volume and change other device preferences here.

This YouTube video is of 41 sec duration.

5. How to Change Notifications & Actions under Windows 10 Settings ?

Action Centre is a new feature of Windows 10 available in the System Tray near the time & date display. When you click it you can see lot of actions like – Airplane mode, Network, Connect etc. They are called Quick actions.

The order in which they are displayed can be changed here. You can also add or remove quick actions. Also Windows 10 has several features and apps. When you are connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi, these will display live notifications.

The setting to change what notification you want and the one you want to disable can be done here.

This video is of 1min and 51sec duration.

6. What is Focus Assist and Options Available under that Setting ?

The main purpose of Focus Assist is to stop annoying notifications from disturbing your regular work. If you see too many of them, your concentration on writing a word document or working an excel sheet gets deviated. To stop such continuous and several notifications, you can set the priority here.

One can set the rules when you can receive notifications and other kind of settings.

This video is of 59sec duration.

7. Other System Settings – Storage, Multitasking, Shared Experiences etc.

The rest of the settings are explained in this video. That is why it is of lengthier duration – 7min 27sec.

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The power and sleep setting which have been available since XP days can be changed here. Similarly if you are accessing Windows 10 on tablet, you can change to the appropriate mode.

You can view, adjust and monitor storage also. Storage sense is a new feature of Windows 10, which can automatically free up space by removing files which you don’t need. These can be temporary files or recycle bin files.

You can do several things with each window like snapping etc to the edges in Windows 10. Virtual desktops is another feature of Windows 10. You can have mutiple desktops and have separate workspace for each.

Windows Phone to project to this PC screen and change permissions, can be done here.

Shared Experiences setting can be used to share sites, mobile phone apps, Wireless Display onto your current monitor.

Remote Desktop features were more hidden in Windows 7 and 8.1.  But now in 10, they are more accessible. This option lets you connect and control your current PC from a remote device using Remote Desktop client.

So instead of using VNC viewer kind of software, this facility is in-built. This feature is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

With the About setting, you can know about Windows and Device specifications.

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