Review of Microsoft Account for Windows 10 – Why is it Helpful

To login to Windows 10 you can either use local account or Microsoft account. Single sign-in account carries all your PC settings to the new device. The wallpaper and colors are the same.

Sync your theme, passwords, language preferences, ease of access, other windows settings with a Microsoft account. Selectively sync individual settings also.

You just need an email account and password for this to work out. or account are generally used for Microsoft Accounts. But you can add other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

To set details and control your Microsoft Account in Windows 10, you need to go to Settings > Accounts. The following overview will discuss the features available under each account.

Manage my Microsoft Account

You can do this from “Your Info” tab on the left hand side. Billing info, family settings, subscriptions, security settings and more can be done by clicking the label “Manage my Microsoft Account” on the right hand-side of the Settings > Accounts Screen.

This will open up the Microsoft Account” settings page in your web browser. You can make necessary changes to your date of birth, name, location, language, unlink devices, security, privacy etc from the web settings.

You can also “Update Info” by verifying your Microsoft Account in Windows 10 with PIN or password.

Change Microsoft Account Email

You can add a new Microsoft Account using “Accounts > Email & accounts“. To change an account name, delete an account, or sync an account with another device, select your account and then select Manage.

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You can do several things like change your Microsoft account email, unblock your account, create email signature, sign into Outlook etc.

This is helpful if you are using too many devices.

If you are using Windows 8.1 and 10 on different devices, but still use the same settings, then you can use the same account.

But if you have changed jobs and also want to change your Microsoft account, then you can create or add a new account here. This will replicate the settings of your new account.

In another case, you want to use different settings for different devices. In that case also, you would like to maintain multiple Microsoft accounts.

Different Sign-In options

Though you require a password primarily to create a Microsoft account, you can login into your Windows 10 computer using several authentication methods.

These sign-in options include Windows Hello Face, Windows Hello FingerPrint, Windows Hello Pin, Security Key, Password, Picture Password.

Using any of the above sign-in option, you can login into your Windows 10 with Microsoft account.

This masks your account without any problems. The most convenient method, for personal use, is to use a PIN. Instead of typing a long password, this is more easy to enter.

But if you have confidential information stored in your Windows 10 PC, then its better you use a physical security key.

Hello Face and Hello FingerPrint require special devices attached to your all-in-one desktop or laptop. These are not supported by legacy hardware.

Access Work or School

If your Microsoft Account for Windows 10 is being used to access work accounts or school documents, then the administrator will have some control.

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You will get access to resources like email, apps and the network. Once you connect your account with your school or work, it can control some settings on your Windows 10 device.

You can export your management log files, set up account for taking tests, enroll only in device management etc.

Family Settings Overview

Microsoft Account for Windows 10 can also be used by several members of your family. You can add your relatives, husband, sisters, brothers etc. There are special provisions for your kids who use your Family account. This limits their spending, access to apps, observe their internet usage etc.

You can add someone else, who is your office colleague, to this account. This will not them add to your Family, but only give some access to your account. You can manage family settings online, using your web browser.

Sync Settings Overview

The best part of using Microsoft Account in Windows 10, is they can sync with many other devices at once. Instead of doing personalization for each device, the same color, screen resolution can be applied to all your devices at once.

Theme is another important aesthetic feature of Windows 10. But if you want to use the default one, instead of a different one for each device, the sync setting can be done here.

Passwords for different web and app accounts are stored in your Microsoft Account. If you shift to another device, then re-entering each password is a big headache.

Just by enabling the sync option for Passwords, all of them are available on your other device.

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Language Preferences and Ease of Access sync settings for your Microsoft Account can also be done here.

Microsoft Account also stores your OneDrive and Microsoft Edge favorites.

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