Windows 10

Search and Cortana were tangled up in the initial days of Windows 10 release. In 1909 version it has become easier to find your files, photos, documents, videos, email messages etc. The desktop search in Windows 10, has different features like web, documents, apps, settings, cloud etc. But do you know how to search in [...]

Display resolution plays a major role in clarity of your screen in Windows 10. Recommended option is provided by default many-a-times. Laptop screen size are different based on brand and model. Sometimes, you need to change the screen resolution to fit your needs. Windows 10 1909 version provides an easy way to change the size [...]

PC Screen may not be sufficient to do big tasks like video editing. Connecting to a 32″ or 49″ or 55″ TV will increase the aspect ratio. Windows 10 makes this opportunity very easy to do. HDMI source is required on the PC and TV. Then you can connect using an HDMI cable. 10 feet [...]

Windows 10 has File Explorer to manage files and folders. Deleting, Saving and Adding new files to a drive or files should reflect in the explorer window. But, due to some problem the file explorer will not refresh and the contents are the same. The cause can vary based on your current Windows 10 version [...]

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