Sounds and Video are the interesting elements of a human feeling, by which one acquaints with the surroundings. Computers are loaded with these fascinating controls to let you get the same perception of the real world. If you are a Windows 7 user, there are many applications like browsers, audio players, video players etc using which you can hear different sounds.

Most of you know how to decrease or increase volume in Windows 7 using the speakers icon present in the system tray. But do you know that using the same setting you can disable application sounds in Windows 7.

How to Adjust Application Sounds in Windows 7 ?

I have different applications open in my OS. For example Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Evernote, Feed Demon, iTunes, Windows Live Writer, Excel, WordWeb etc. If I start playing any video or audio in any of these applications, they’ll start playing with the default level or percentage  of sound, I set by clicking the speakers icon.

Change sound settings in Windows 7

Click on the speakers icon in the system tray.


Change Sounds using Mixer in Windows 7

Click the Mixer label in the small vertical window that pops-up after clicking the speakers icon in the system tray.

You can also set the default level or percentage of sound for all the applications here. Just drag the arrow to the desired percentage and you can see the increase or decrease in volume of sound.




Adjust application sounds in Windows 7

This will open up another pop-up window displaying all the applications which have audio or sound enabled. Here you can reduce or increase sounds for each individual application. This is different from the global settings.

Note: Only the applications that are currently opened will be visible in this “Volume Mixer” pop-up window.

You can reduce system level sounds  so that the sound that comes when you make an error or close a window is low. Similarly if you think that the audio music in iTunes is too low, you can increase the volume. This will not effect the sound setting for audio in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Thus you can have different sound settings for different applications in Windows 7.

If you think your application sounds are not working in Windows 7, either they must have been disabled by clicking the speaker icon for that application or the arrow must have been brought down to the brink which will make the sound volume percentage as “zero”. Either you can click the speaker icon for that application again, which will re-enable the sound volume again or drag the pointer to higher percentage so that the sound is audible.

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