Two Great Ubuntu Themes for Windows 7 – Maverick and Ubuntu Theme Pack

There are plethora of Windows 7 themes from Microsoft, but with Ubuntu 11.10 version, the competition for Ubuntu themes for Windows 7 has increased greater. Though it’s a little problematic to install windows 7 themes for Ubuntu using tools like Wine etc, you can still install some Windows 7 themes for Ubuntu.

But installing Ubuntu themes for windows is lot easier, as they’re just like any other Windows 7 themes. Just get a theme pack and install it and hola, you have got your theme. But I was wrong!

Recently I found two themes Maverick and Ubuntu Theme Pack, which are basically ubuntu themes, which needed lot of tweaks to install.

Warning: You may need to install some 3rd-party software to make these Ubuntu themes to work, which may or may not corrupt your Windows 7 system. So it’s better to make system restore point before you work upon these changes.

Download and [How to] Install Instructions for Maverick Theme

Here is the link to download Maverick theme for Windows 7.


The download is a RAR file and is 5.7 MB size.

How To Install

1. Patch your system files and install the required fonts!
Be sure to patch your system files before you can use 3rd party windows themes. Use this tool to do it:
Install the fonts found in the folder “Resources/Fonts”

2. Install the theme?
Copy the content of Theme folder in “C:WindowsResourcesThemes” (Assuming that you’re Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

3. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer to change the start orb. You can find the needed tool here:
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose the BMP from the “Resources/Start Orb – Ubuntu” folder and you’re done!

4. Change the Windows Navigation buttons?
Use Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer to change the Windows Navigation Buttons, resources available in the folder “Resources/Navigation Buttons”

Download the tool here:

5. Remove the blurred edges of the windows?
Use Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker from the “Tools” folder to remove the windows blur.

Download and [How to] Install Instructions for Ubuntu Theme Pack

Here is the download link for installing Ubuntu Theme Pack for Windows 7.

The download is a RAR file and is 10.9 MB in size.

How To Install

There are 3 color themes (Aero & Basic) associated with this theme.

  • Ubuntu7Caramel Theme
  • Ubuntu7Choco Theme
  • Ubuntu7Sunny Theme

There are some wallpapers and a new UbuntuClock Gadget.

The installation instructions are simpler just like for Maverick theme.

  • Install the UniversalThemePatcher (both the 32-bit and 64-bit versios are included in the downloaded package).
  • In the Theme folder, there are both Aero and Basic themes.
  • Copy these themes to C:WindowsResourcesThemes

Though the excitement in installing the ubuntu themes for windows 7 looks great at first, but when you install 3rd-party software to make them work makes all the austerity lost to the simple Microsoft Windows 7 themes.

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