If you’ve already used Mac OSX or iPad 2, you’re already familiar with the photobooth app, which lets you capture images from a camera device like webcam and style them with different photo effects like negative, sepia, thermal camera, X-Ray etc. But when it comes to desktop, you’re in search for such an app.

For all those people, PhotoBooth for Windows 7 is a new software which does the same for desktop Windows. It’s a wrapper to the old picture booth app for Windows developed long time ago. You can do the same thing using photo-editing software like Photoshop, Picasa 3, Gimp, Picknik etc.

But this is a quick way of getting the required photo/image effects in less tedious way. PhotoBooth has the similar interface same as the one in Mac OSX and is supported on Flash.


For the effects, there are 4 tabs. Out of which, the last tab you can use to upload an image and set as background for the photo booth. Captured images are shown in a slider show and can be saved.

Requirements for PhotoBooth:

  • Installation of latest Adobe Flash ActiveX.
  • A webcam

PhotoBooth for Windows 7 is a simple portable tool to get the desired photo effects, as in photo-editing software, with ease on your Windows.

Download Photo Booth for Windows 7

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  2. So slow to download…..