View Folder Size Instantly in XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Files and Folders are the basic entities of any OS. With Windows, you can find them in your Windows Explorer. In Wndows 8, this has been renamed as File Explorer.

One common issue regarding performance is Memory Storage management. So, if you are having small hard-disk capacity, it becomes much more important to reduce redundant files and folders. Using Explorer, you can check the file size under folder or sub-folders. But you cannot view folder size using any Windows utility instantaneously.

There are several tools that give a graphical representation about the disk size if you run their tool. Some examples are – Overdisk, DiskFerret, Disk Space Fan etc. But all these tools take some time to analyze your hard-drive and give a statisticl report of your folder size.

Here I provide two simple ways to view your folder size within very short time.

Method 1 : The best and quickest way to know your folder size is to hover your cursor over the folder in your Windows Explorer. Just after 3 seconds, a tootip will pop-up which contains brief information about folder size and other details.

View Folder Size in Windows 8 - Tooltip

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But sometimes, if the folder is of larger capacity, then it may not display the full size details. It just says that the folder is “larger than X” where X was the size it managed to calculate within that 3 seconds.

Method 2 : A third-party tool called “Folder Size” exists which displays folder size information more clearly than in the above tip. If you are using Windows XP, you can see a “column” in your Windows Explorer that displays folder size just like your file size information.

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Folder Size Column in Windows XP


This application works also on Vista, 7 and 8.

But if you are using the latest OS like the above, the display format varies a little.


The above screenshot is in Windows 8 64 bit version. You can observe this typical screen in Vista and Windows 7 also. As you can observe from the above screenshot, you don’t have the comfort of a separate “column” like in XP.

In Windows 8, a separate pop-up opens showing the folder size. This can be annoying sometimes, as it covers the main window and obscures other details. But if you want instant display of folder size, you have to bear a little.

Download Folder Size – WebSite

Disadvantages –

The tools is not without any problems. According to the site owner, the tool has some little headaches which can not too annoying.

  • For eg. in Vista, the sizes are difficult to interpret. In this case, the same physical file may appear in multiple directory entries. So this may show your Windows folder larger than actually it is …
  • The background service is difficult to manage with Windows’s UAC model. So sometimes, this may take up time to compute the folder sizes. Also, Background scanning is not optimized, which can cause the same problem as above.
  • Popup windows frequently cover up Explorer’s Close button. This can make you re-size the pop-up windows to adjust your visibility of File Explorer details.

So the above two ways should suffice enough to view folder size with ease in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The above program also works for both 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

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  1. I prefer to use a program: Directory Report
    It looks just like the MS-Explorer but always shows the folder size


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