Sometimes, it’s unthinkable to imaging life without remotes. Just think about watching TV or controlling the controls of your DVD player without remote. Now we even have remote controls for switching electrical devices in one’s home. Then why not extend this functionality to PowerPoint presentation using Windows Phone 8 as your remote!

The basic functions you need to perform with a PPT like going to next slide, previous slides, stop your presentation or give a temporary blank screen can all be done using WP 8 or WP 7.5 or WP 7 as a remote.

How To Remote Control your Office 2013 PPT with Windows Phone 8?

The basic requirements are as follows :

Download PC Remote Server on your Windows machine. This acts like a server for the wireless network between your PC and Windows Phone. Once you download the PC Remote Server and installed it on your computer, you can leave the default settings for the software. This is true if your phone is on the same network as your computer and also if wireless network is available.

But in case, if your phone and PC are not on the same network or if there is no wireless network, then you need to take the help of “HotSpot” setting. Initially, the status will be “Unable to connect to Wi-Fi service“. Then, you need to click the “Start HotSpot” to start the Hotspot server. Also, there will be a “key” generated which you need to re-enter in your Windows Phone.

Note : This “Hubspot” is only useful if your default settings don’t work.

Download Powerpoint Remote on your Windows Phone 8. This acts like a client for your network connection. If you are using the “HotSpot” setting, just enter the key which was generated earlier.

Now launch the client on your WP 8. For first time installation, it will also provide a guide if you have trouble connecting. There are two basic steps in this guide. The first step is to install PC Remote Server on your computer as said above. The next step is to open this app on your Windows Phone and auto-discover your PC. Tap on PC name, to connect.

In case, your PC is not auto-discovered, you can add your computer by entering the local IP of your PC.

Once the connection is setup, you are ready to go. You will get some standard options like next slide, previous slide, blank screen, start and stop slideshow. In addition to these common options, you will also get some standard keyboard settings like arrow keys and other hot keys.

The client is a FREE app. The latest version is The download size of the app is just 2 MB. The additional features in this version is that the phone can act both as a mouse and keyboard. You can move cursor and click, drag and crop, zoom, vertical scroll from your phone. A full keyboard support including control, shift, alt, tab, function, home, end and other special keys. You can type from your phone.

Other features like Ability to Pin a computer to the start, “Wake up LAN” feature for selected computers etc are also available.

That’s it! You now have a smartphone which can be used as a remote. You save money of buying another hardware to remote control your PPT.

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