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Network And Internet Manage Known Wi Fi Networks Windows 10

The Golden Throw Fix for connecting Windows 10 WiFi automatically

When operating Windows 10, people do follow this problem. Whenever they log on or even when reboot it, the computer won’t automatically connect to WiFi. Then they need to follow the loop to select the WiFi tile, see the available options, and then click and enter the password. But the bother here is that this is …

How to Solve “Can’t get Mail” – System Error in Windows 10 Mail App?

The “system error” with “can’t get mail” during creation of mail accounts is a common Mail app problem in Windows 10. I experieced this problem while adding my domain mail account. To add POP3/IMAP4 account in Mail app, you need to add some info in the data fields of account creation. If its gmail, yahoo kind …
0Xc000007B Error Fix

Fix 0xc000007b or 0xc00007b in Windows 10 with DLL files

Most probably you have received the error code 0xc000007b in Windows 10 while playing a game. The main cause is that some DLL files might be missing or corrupt. Instead of reinstalling your Windows 10, if you can replace the correct DLL file, your problem will be resolved. The error code  0xc000007b will stop software applications …
Windows 10 1903 Light Desktop Theme

How to Speed Up Windows 10 PC after 1903 update in Legacy Hardware

The Windows 10 1903 update has seen minor enhancements which are good enough to speed up PC performance. For example, Windows Updates are reformed that could help you pause them. Another major improvement is blocking of Spectre attacks. It is a design flaw in CPUs. This will allow it find loop holes to read other program’s …
Block Program Using Windows 10 Firewall

How to Block App with FireWall in Windows 10 – 3 Easy Ways

In Windows 10, you can block an app using Windows Security. This is using the Firewall & network option available in Settings. The same process can be applied using the Control Panel. In the 2004 and 20H2 version this option is still available. But in future versions we are not sure the Control Panel will exist …
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Windows 7

Dell S2240M Best Dual Monitors

[Review] Top 5 Best PC Monitors for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Is your computer workspace insufficient? Too many applications, software and apps. But you only have an 32” LCD screen to see all these multimedia and apps. Whew! Also Read – [Fix] Is your Windows 10 Monitor Not Working – These Steps can Help!!! Now you are thinking of buying a new screen bigger in size, probably 42” or 80”. But that is …

Two Great Ubuntu Themes for Windows 7 – Maverick and Ubuntu Theme Pack

There are plethora of Windows 7 themes from Microsoft, but with Ubuntu 11.10 version, the competition for Ubuntu themes for Windows 7 has increased greater. Though it’s a little problematic to install windows 7 themes for Ubuntu using tools like Wine etc, you can still install some Windows 7 themes for Ubuntu. But installing Ubuntu themes …
Windows7 Firewall Control

How To Control your Windows 7 Firewall – A Review

Sometimes firewalls can be a deterrent to the smooth usage of your Windows 7 PC. Although the main purpose of firewalling your computer is for better security, there are reasons to not use it for better performance. One reason I can give is your network speed. Presently I am using “Tikona” which is an ISP in …

Speed Up Windows 7 Performance with Cloud System Booster and CCleaner

Overtime, your Windows 7 is clogged with unnecessary files and registry entries which can slowdown your computer to some extent. One of the common ways to boost performance is by using “CCleaner”, which empties many junk files, recycle bin, temporary internet files, history, cookies, Index.dat files, memory dumps, windows log files, clipboard data, thumbnail cache, internet …

Taskbar Color Effects: Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

In Windows 7, the taskbar is an important feature and is transparent in Aero theme. So, it gets the colour of the desktop background image and keeps varying if the desktop image also varies. But if you want to make your Windows 7 taskbar more attractive and look distinctive apart from the desktop background image, …

Download Token Icons from devianart – Created by ~brsev

If you have not read my earlier post on token icon installer for Windows 7 SP1, don’t worry! This is another post which gives links on how to download token icons. Token icons developed by Brsev and Mr-Ragnarok, which can be found on are reviewed here. First we’ll review the token icon pack installers developed …
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