How to Use Windows 10 Fax and Scan

Fax messaging is one of the oldest forms of communication.

Today, it has been replaced with social media platforms like Whatsapp.

However, you should know that fax messaging is still used up to date.

That is why windows 10 fax messaging features are available in modern computers apart from that, there are other current faxing options in the market today.

It is essential to know that when it comes to sending fax messages using windows 10, you have three options and they include;

Online faxing services

When you opt to use online faxing services, you need to keep in mind that compatibility is essential.

It is therefore crucial that you begin by looking for online fax messaging services that can work properly with windows 10.

Remember that there are so many of these online services on the internet including the Google fax free services.

Google Fax Service Windows 10

However, it is important to know that you can always get conned. The internet is full of malicious people who only want to rob you.

The best way to ensure that you fund the right services is by doing a thorough lookup of the company you are interested in working with.

Fax has been in the computer world from good olden days of PC. You need the right software to send your documents in correct format.

Scan is another important feature of fax process. If the lighting is too bright or dark, you cannot see the documents properly.

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Through social media and the available discussion forums online, you should be able to know whether a particular online faxing service is real or another work of a con artist.

Also, it is very important to know that when working with online fax services.

Back up of your important fax documents can be done off-line or online. Cloud services help in storing them online. But if you have big hard-disk or SSD, you can store them offline.

You might consider getting an extra file storage space for backup especially if you are running a big organization and you greatly rely on faxing.

Through a connected fax

There are many different faxing machines, and it is vital once again that you check on compatibility.

When you connect your computer to a fax machine, you will be able to send and receive your fax messages through the network.

That means, you will not have to scan your fax before sending it neither will you have to print it out to view it.

Hp Fax Machine For Windows 10

For your connected faxing machine to work correctly, you will have to ensure that you have a landline phone line connected to your faxing computer.

It is also advisable not to use a VoIP phone connection because they tend scrambling up the fax signals.

Remember that you also require a computer that can run Windows 10 properly.

One of the main advantages of the connected faxing method is that the computer makes things easier as far as composing and sending fax messages is concerned.

Also, it is a sure way of sending messages without fear of them getting distorted.

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The below video will show how to fax and scan using Microsoft Windows 7. You can apply the same for Windows 10.

Using fax software

You should know that Windows 10 comes with faxing software installed.

However, it takes a functional integration for you to be able to enjoy the services.

However, you need to ensure that you are connected to a phone-line landline and no VoIP.

You will also require a modem or fax board for the windows fax feature to be activated. The good news is, most computers have this ability.

Your computer needs to be always on until the process is done.

When using the windows fax and scan as a fax machine, you need to know that it does not use up your internet.

That is because; the transition is strictly through the telephone lines. It is also imperative that you have a computer that is well compatible with windows 10.

One mistake that most people make is installing windows 10 in a computer that is not meant for such an operating system.

The results typically include the computer being too slow. Other features may also fail to function as expected. This includes the windows fax and scan feature.


There are different ways to fax with Windows 10. You are free to use any of them.

However, VoIP is not an option when it comes to getting the right telephone line.

Also, remember that with fax messaging you must have a fax number for sending and receiving the messages.

You don’t have to necessarily own a fax number thanks to the online faxing options.

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Fax messaging is safe. That is the main reason why it is used regardless of new simpler options.

That is because there is nothing like malware that can be transferred through fax machines.

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