When you open Office 2019 apps like Excel, Word, Power Point, Publisher, Skype for Business etc, you may find that it takes some time to open. This is possible even if you have high end CPU like 8th generation i7 processor and 16GB of RAM.

You may think that the problem is with Windows 10 OS. Tweak the Windows Settings to make your Office 2019 apps start up faster. But, this is not the cause.

The main concern is the privacy data collected by Microsoft. It is done using the options present in Office 2019. Microsoft collects this data to provide you with design improvements and online help.

But if you are like me, who is more intended on performance than styling, I can provide a few tweaks to resolve your Office 2019 slow startup issues.

Method #1

Click on File in Excel, Word, Power Point in Office 2019.

Then several options are visible.

Account > (Account Privacy) Manage Settings

Here some options are available which are of privacy concern and useful for quick start up of Office 2019 apps.

Tip #1 :Optional diagnostic data

This is the additional usage and diagnostic data sent to Microsoft servers. It says that, this data will not collect information related to your name, file contents or apps unrelated to Office.

This data will be used to improve the experience of Office 2019 programs like Excel, Word, Publisher, Note etc. But it’s not sure what other data does Microsoft collect using this information.

Since it sends additional diagnostic and usage data, it will connect to the Internet. This will increase the start up time to open Excel, Word and other Office 2019 applications.

Also, there are privacy concerns as we do not know what “other” data does the tech giant collect using this option.

So for better speed you can turn off the option that says

“Send additional diagnostic and usage data to Microsoft”.

In future, if you think you want better improvements over performance, you can check or enable it again.

Your Excel or Word app may try to connect to Microsoft servers, when this option is enabled. This will slow the time to open the app. Also, if you have bad hardware configuration like less RAM and CPU power, then also Office 2019 apps like Word or Excel can be slow to open.

If you find that Excel 2019 is slow to open, you can clean up your junk files, registry entries, scan for virus, disable add-ins causing problem, disable macros, reduce the size of the file etc.

Tip #2 :Connected experiences

This option will analyze your Office document content to provide you with design recommendations, editing suggestions, data insights and similar features.

But we are not sure whether Microsoft will collect any personal information stored in Excel, Word, Publisher documents as part of the Experience analysis.

You can disable the option that says

Let Office analyze your content to provide you with improvements.

When you switch off this option, there is a warning message that says

By turning this off, some features will no longer be available to you. For example, PowerPoint Designer, Dictation, Editor, Ideas and more.

As mentioned earlier, some amount of time is spent analyzing your documents using this option. This slows down the normal operations. By turning it off, you can speed up Office apps start up and working.

Tip #3 : Experiences that download online content

This option allows you to download online content including templates, images, 3D models, videos and reference materials to enhance your document design.

In this regard also, Office connects to the Internet to gather online material which could slow up normal Office app operations.

You can disable the option that says

Let Office download online content

You get a warning message that says

By turning this off, some features will no longer be available to you. For example, Online Template Search, Insert Online Pictures, Office Help, and more.

Tip #4 : All connected experiences

The following option can be turned off

Enable connected experiences

Experiences analyze your content, download online content, and other connected experiences such as co-authoring and online file storage. Outlook email services, downloading updates and check for license will still work.

But you get a warning message that says

Outlook email services, and some essential connected experiences, will continue to work. But other connected experiences will no longer be available to you – including roaming privacy settings.

Don’t Disable it: Required diagnostic data

This is a mandatory option to be checked and cannot be turned off. This help to keep Office 2019 secure, up-to-date and perform working operations without any trouble.

It will collect data like what OS you are using and Office updates are installed or not.

Without this basic Office 2019 information, apps will not run.

So don’t try any hacks to disable this option.

Method #2


Disable the following options for better performance and quick start up of Office 2019 apps.


  • Enable Live Preview
  • Enable LinkedIn features in my Office applications
  • Show the Start screen when this application starts

Ease of Access

  • Provide feedback with animation
  • Show the Start screen when this application starts

Customize Ribbon

  • Add-ins
  • Help

Method #3


Make sure there are no active application add-ins. If there are any Excel, COM, XML Expansion packs etc activated, disable them. You can turn them on again when you need any particular add-in.

For example the following add-ins are de-activated by default.

  • Analysis ToolPak
  • Analysis ToolPak-VBA
  • Date(XML)
  • Euro Currency Tools
  • Inquire
  • Microsoft Actions Pane 3 ,  Power Map for Excel,  Power Pivot for Excel
  • Solver Add-in

Some of these are helpful as data analyzer tools for statistical and engineering analysis. 3D Data Visualization is possible with Power Map add-in.

So enabling all of them will slow your Office 2019 apps progress. When you require any particular functionality, you can just check that add-in and unchecked when not required.

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