[Tip] How To Get Back Start Menu in Windows 8 ? No Software Required!

Many Windows users gave a cry, when their familiar Start Menu disappeared in Windows 8. It was replaced by the new Metro based Start Screen. But if you are like many others craving for a Start Menu button in Windows 8, there are 3rd party applications which bring back the lost Start Menu of Windows.

But today we are going to see an in-house method of getting Windows 8 Start Menu.

How to Get Back Start Menu in Windows 8 without any 3rd Party Application

You can look at the screenshot below, on how the Start Screen looks after following the  procedure below:

Windows 8 Start Menu


The tweak or hack is very simple.

  1. Right click on the empty space of the Taskbar and select Toolbars > New Toolbar. The taskbar will be available only when you click Desktop App in the Start Screen.
  2. Next type “%appdata%” in the textbox that appears as a pop-up.
  3. This will directly take you to the correct folder under your User Profile in File Explorer.
  4. Now navigate to the following folder. Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu
  5. Press Select Folder.

That’s it! You are done! A Start Menu button is displayed on your Windows 8 taskbar.

The features of this Start Menu is limited. So in case, you didn’t like what you made, you can just right-click on the Taskbar > Toolbars and un-check Start Menu.

Though this alternate method of getting back your Start Menu is not perfect, you can access some shortcuts which are not directly accessible. This is an easy method of getting at your Command Prompt, Computer, Control Panel, File Explorer, Help and Support, Run, Windows Defender shortcuts with less navigation.

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