Complete Review on Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Battle

Statistics are still not clear on Windows 8 share, but the interface rocks. I installed both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 8 Pro and both are working without a glitch. But the tough question is about compatibility of old Windows Software.

Well, I installed applications like Windows Essentials 2012, FeedDemon, FileZilla, Greenshot, Internet Download Manager, CCleaner etc and all are working fine on my 64bit OS. Earlier there was an article on the comparison of Windows 8 vs Windows 7 features, but it has become little stale. So, let’s see a more focused post which talks about the performance benchmarks between Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Browser Perfomance in Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Battle has come out with some benchmarks review using the following test system.

Intel Core i7-3960X processor, 16GB of DDR3-1866 memory and a GeForce GTX 670 graphics card, all on the new Asrock X79 Extreme11 motherboard. The primary drive used was the Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB, while the Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 256GB SSD was used for the AS SSD Benchmark and Windows Explorer tests.

Now, let’s see the comparison of different Windows 8 vs Windows 7 benchmarks.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7


Windows 7

Windows 8

StartUp Times (Windows Logo to Desktop)


Shutdown Time (Windows Desktop to PowerOff)


Sleep ( Wake up from Sleep)


3D Graphics Performance (3Dmark 11)



Multimedia Performance (PCMark 7)


Browser Performance (Mozilla Kraken)


Browser Performance (Google V8)


x264 HD BenchMark 5.0




Microsoft Excel (Excel MonteCarlo)


AS SSD BenchMark (Sequential)


AS SSD BenchMark (ISO)


Windows Explorer (Large file(s) copy )

Windows Explorer (Multiple Small files)

Just Cause 2 (Gaming Performance)


Hard Reset (Gaming Performance)


Battlefield 3 (Gaming Performance)



As you can see in the above feature comparison, “Winner” indicates that particular OS doing better than the other.

The significant changes that are made to startup and shutdown times in Windows 8 cannot be ignored. This will definitely help the laptop and desktop users. Another major improvement which Windows 8 has an edge over Windows 7 is multimedia performance. This is evident with PCMark 7, x264 HD Benchmark 5.0 and HandBrake benchmark tests.

But if you compare 3D graphic performance, Windows 7 does better than Windows 8. Also the gaming performance is dependent on graphic drivers and hence Windows 7 shows better reading in this segment. Apart from these benchmarks, both the OS have a similar scores in those corresponding features.

If you consider copying files (both large and multiple small files) in Windows 8 Explorer and 7, both are almost equal. If we also see the performance differences using AMD and Nvidia, both have provided sufficient drivers which made the playing field a level ground in terms of competition using the GeForce GTX 670 and the Radeon HD 6570.

More Into Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Comparison Details

If we compare the boot up times, it is observed that Windows 8 OS start up times reduced by 33%. Using the Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB HDD, it is found that Windows 8 required only 18 secs to boot while Windows 7 required 27 secs. This interesting fact makes it clear that SSD users will be able to load Windows 8 in a few minutes.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7 boot up times

A similar progress can be seen in shutdown times. Windows 8 took only 8 vs Windows 7 which took 12 secs to shutdown on an alike configured Windows 7 system. Regarding, “Wake up from Sleep” times, Windows 8 shows a marginal improvement. Using a standard hard disk type, Windows 8 required 10 secs to wake up from sleep while 7 required 13 secs. Though its touted that Windows 7 laptops can recover from sleep in <5 secs, it is because that LAPTOPS are detected by the OS and mobile systems have special power saving mode features.

Coming to browser comparison, Chrome v21 was by-far the most performing browser. Though IE10 on Metro and Desktop showed a better reading than IE9 on Windows 7 with Mozilla Kraken benchmark test, it failed to show the same improvement in Google V8 test. But it is clearly evident that Chrome and Firefox showed marked up perfection in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. Also Chrome and Firefox far outscored IE10 and IE9.

From the above comparison, it can be inferred that Windows 8 offers a solid foundation from the get-go. Though the major improvement is in start-up times, shut-down times and wake up from sleep times, it can be a relief its not like Vista. The happy fact is that it’s able to match Windows 7 in most of the benchmarks.

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