How to Create Local Administrator Account in Windows 10 Home

The Windows 10 Home version does not have a direct way to create a local administrator account. You might need to tweak a few settings before you create one. Even after the 2004 update, the option to sign-in with a local account does not appear during installation. One of the best ways is to use

How to Create Windows 10 Local Account – 4 Methods

Windows 10 Pro version can have a local account. In version 1903, this facility was not possible. Creation of  a Microsoft account is the first preference, even after the 2004 version. Also known as the May 2020 update. The sad part is that most of the Windows Store apps, services require a Microsoft account. You

Fix Error Code 0x800f081f and Installation of KB4571756 in Windows 10

The recent problem with Windows 10 Build 19041.450 is that it gives error 0x800f081f during installation of KB4571756. This kind of error is related to .NET Framework Installation in the earlier KB updates. As seen in this article, this update was released in Sep, 2020. There is a known issue in KB4571756 update. Users of

Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot after Update 2004 – Some Solutions

How to make Windows 10 boot faster?  As a major fix, you can disable the “SysMain” and “Windows Search” services as a first weapon. Startup items, old hardware, and services can also be the cause of slow boot. Simple tweaks like disabling some services and changing to SSD can solve the issue.  There are other

6 Solutions to Realtek Audio Driver Problems in Windows 10 and 7

If you are a user of Windows 10, quite likely you may have Realtek as your Audio driver. It’s the one most commonly equipped audio card used by the manufacturers for any integrated computer system. Related – How to Adjust Brightness on Windows 10 and Fix Related Problems You can have ordinary problems with audio

Best Fix for 0x80073701 Error Code and 5 Solutions to Solve It

The Windows Update error 0x80073701 is the result of KB4524570 update and 1909 upgrade. If Windows Update related services are corrupt then you get this error. To fix this, you need to stop these services and rename few system folders. The simple solution to mitigate this error is to update your Windows 10 computer with