Fix Windows Update Not Showing in Settings – Something went Wrong Error

To see the latest Windows 10 updates, you can go to “Settings”. In the latest 20H2 update, you see it as “Update & Security”. On the left-hand side, you see it as “Windows Update”. When you click this tab, the right-hand side shows the “Check for updates” option. In addition to that you can also

How to Remount Ejected USB Drive Window 10 without “Unplugging”

The best way to reconnect USB drive without unplugging it is to just enable and disable it a couple of times. There are a lot of problems when you disconnect flash drive from your Windows 10 computer. The USB port can malfunction and also the device can become useless A proper mechanism is in-place to

3 Easy Ways to Fix STOP CODE – SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION in Windows 10

The May 2020 update of Windows 10 also causes a restart failure with blue screen error crash. A common stop code error – SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION is one of them. Though it may be because of incompatible drivers of different apps or applications, you should read the documentation of the source: Most of the time,

10 Robust features of Microsoft Defender for Extra Protection of Windows 10

The in-built anti-virus tool in Windows 10 is powerful with robust features. Microsoft Defender has security mechanisms that are not available even in paid tools. To make your computer safe from random threats and malware, you can use this tool’s vigorous features. Protect your system from ransomware. Run a file scan on individual files to

Find Parental Controls in Windows 10 using Security app

To access parental controls in Windows 10, you can make use of Windows Security. This is generally located in the notification area. On the left hand side, you can see the various security features. You can also search for this app, using the “Search box” of Windows 10. Type its name in the text box