How to Fix Audio Issues in Windows 10 – Easy Simple Steps

windows 10 audio not working

When sound is not working in Windows 10, first check the playback devices. Make sure the current audio device is the default one. Uninstall the audio device driver and scan for hardware changes. Check whether the speaker and master volume are above a particular value. Windows 10 updates are a scare and boon. Sometimes, they

[Review] The best Windows 10 Privacy Tool with Easy Settings – O&O ShutUp10

Windows 10 privacy issues are one of the crucial aspects of OS. Data collected through diagnostic information, access to app activity, web sites visited through cookie and browser activity are ways data is leaked. Some are managed for analytics purpose to know the statistics of the site. But we are not sure whether those are

How to Secure your Privacy in Windows 10 using Built-In Rules

Windows 10 can be used with a Microsoft account or Local account. Therefore, privacy worries are part of today’s digital world. Location tracking . Ad Tracking . Cortana . Apps . Diagnostic data . Background services . Privacy items . Some ways by which data passes through. Troubleshooting Data . Primarily collected to solve technical issues

2 Shared Experiences Error in Windows 10 – Fix It tools

Shared Experiences and Microsoft Account have an inter-dependency in many ways. Try to disable this Windows 10 feature to fix this type of issue. If that doesn’t work out, then you can try troubleshooting the Microsoft account error. The Shared Experiences feature came into existence after the Creators Update. Problems started from then on. The

10 Answers to Your Questions About Microsoft Account Problem In Windows 10

In Windows 10, Microsoft Account issues are common. Irrespective of 2004 or 20H2 or earlier update, this has been a problem for the naïve user. Most people ignore this notification error message and proceed using the system. But I prefer to keep a clean slate and work without distractions. After the Creators Update and above,

How to Use Shared Experiences Settings in Windows 10

Shared Experiences is for cross-platform support in Windows 10. Bluetooth devices. Mobile phones. Wireless adapters. Wi-Fi. Tablets. All these devices can communicate using this feature. Moreover, enable this feature to connect Android apps. In order to Send/Receive phone messages and see phone notifications on your desktop. Another highlight is that, two Windows 10 devices can